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2018-01-14  Luciano Resende[TOREE-407] Describe Toree as a Jupyter kernel master
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2018-01-14  Luciano ResendeAdd contributing page to Toree website
2018-01-12  Sanjay Saxena[TOREE-456] Added --alternate-sigint command-line option
2018-01-05  Luciano ResendeUpdating PMC afiliation based on Linkedin
2018-01-05  akchinSTCFix typo in navigation menu
2018-01-03  Sanjay Saxena[TOREE-443] Update docs with new config for context...
2017-04-16  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Remove obsolete files
2017-04-16  Luciano Resende[TOREE-405] Update documentation as in current live...
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2017-04-15  Luciano Resende[TOREE-401] Update website with Release 0.1.0-incubating
2017-04-15  Luciano Resende[TOREE-400] Update theme similar to current live site
2017-04-01  Justin McleanjQuery also bundles Sizzle.js
2017-04-01  Justin McleanBootstrap include MIT licensed mormalize.css 2.1.3
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