descriptionApache Toree (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 13 Sep 2017 17:15:45 +0000 (10:15 -0700)
12 days ago  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Update documentation broken links in master
13 days ago  Kevin Bates[TOREE-437] Establish alternate interrupt handler
2017-09-07  Yunli Tang[MINOR] Adds file tagging for z/os platforms
2017-09-07  Michele Lamarca[TOREE-396] Add connection timeout when R connects...
2017-09-01  Luciano Resende[HOTFIX] Fix AddDeps test failures
2017-08-22  Luciano Resende[TOREE-324] Upgrade jopt-simple dependency to solve...
2017-08-15  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Fix wrong binded variable name in log message
2017-08-10  Ryan Blue[TOREE-412] Update AddDeps magic
2017-08-10  Luciano Resende[TOREE-432] Update Akka to version 2.4.20
2017-08-10  Luciano Resende[TOREE-431] Explicit add Guava dependency to kernel...
2017-08-10  Igor MelnichenkoUpdating SBT, SBT plugins, and dependencies
2017-07-20  Ryan Blue[TOREE-415] Cancel Spark jobs when interrupted
2017-07-20  Ryan Blue[TOREE-408] Add support for hdfs and s3 to AddJar
2017-07-08  Luciano Resende[TOREE-422] Enable Jupyter 5.1.0 dependencies
2017-06-18  Ryan BlueTOREE-414: Use ThreadFactoryBuilder to set name and...
2017-06-15  Ryan BlueTOREE-380: Allow interpreters to produce output by...
7 months ago v0.1.0-rc6
7 months ago v0.1.0-rc5
9 months ago v0.1.0-rc4
10 months ago v0.2.0-dev1 Tagging pre-release of Toree 0.2.0
11 months ago v0.1.0-rc3 0.1.0 RC3
11 months ago v0.1.0-rc2 0.1.0-rc2
11 months ago 0.1.0 Release 0.1.0
22 months ago v0.1.5-assembly
2 years ago v0.1.2-jeromq
2 years ago v0.1.2 Final version of 0.1.2 (Apache...
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