descriptionApache Wave (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 27 Apr 2016 06:40:00 +0000 (16:40 +1000)
2 days ago wisebaldoneAdded tavis to icons on readme master
3 days ago wisebaldoneMerge branch 'feature/travisci' of
4 days ago Yuri ZelikovRemoves python client.
4 days ago Yuri ZelikovAdds shutdown manager.
4 days ago wisebaldoneadded initial travis file
5 days ago wisebaldonecloses apache/incubator-wave#8 *Won't Merge*
5 days ago wisebaldonecloses apache/incubator-wave#7
2016-03-30 wisebaldoneremoved redundant dependencies that were stored in...
2016-03-06 wisebaldoneupdated commons collections (patch update) from 3.2...
2016-02-21 wisebaldoneupdate gradle wrapper to v2.11, update shadowJar plugin...
2016-02-07 Andreas KotesUpdates .gitignore to include vim backup files. https...
2016-02-07 Andreas KotesUpdates PST not to use additional temp directory if...
2016-02-07 Andreas KotesUpdates PST to support newer JDKs. https://reviews...
2016-02-07 Andreas KotesAdds example code and some documentation for PST. https...
2016-02-07 Andreas KotesAdds default ReviewBoard configuration.
2016-01-12 yuri.zelikovAdds Jenkins build status badge.
2 years ago 0.4-rc4 0.4-rc4
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2 weeks ago fix/gwtDev
6 months ago 0.4.0-rc10
9 months ago feature/WAVE-426-add-sbt
12 months ago 0.4.0-RC9
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20 months ago dev
20 months ago fix/WAVE-419
20 months ago wave-0.4-rc6
20 months ago fulltextsearch
20 months ago fix/WAVE-413
21 months ago wave-0.4-rc5
2 years ago wave-0.4-release