descriptionApache Wave (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 14:57:41 +0000
8 min ago Vicente J.... Added atmosphere to classpath master
51 min ago Vicente J.... Added Atmosphere framework as replacement of Socket...
12 days ago vjrjFix for gadget proxy request URI
12 days ago vjrjFix for missing dependency in dist-server
2014-04-01 Vicente J.... Profile fetcher selection and new initials avatars
2014-03-13 vjrjAdd GWT superdev mode for waveharness and editor
2014-03-11 vjrjDecrease number of permutations in dev compilation
2014-02-21 Yuri ZelikovFixes unit tests - adds back libdn.jar + fixes xml...
2014-02-18 Pablo OjangurenAdded Journaled Write Concern for delta storage operati...
2014-01-24 Yuri ZelikovRemoves back the Apache license from .project as it...
2014-01-21 Andrew KaplanovImproves settings of Jetty
2014-01-20 Yuri ZelikovRemoves the non licensed images.
2014-01-19 Yuri ZelikovUpdates README
2014-01-19 Yuri ZelikovUpdates the get-third-party script to download new...
2014-01-18 Yuri ZelikovMerge branch 'wave-0.4-release' into master
2014-01-18 Yuri ZelikovCleans up store related classes
7 months ago 0.4-rc4 0.4-rc4
10 months ago wave-0.4-rc3 wave-0.4-rc3
10 months ago wave-0.4-rc2 wave-0.4-rc2
10 months ago wave-0.4-rc1 wave-0.4-rc1
8 min ago master
4 months ago wave-0.4-release