2022-04-20  Daniel GrunoOF: bump asfpy main
2022-04-05  Daniel Grunoswitch default config path
2022-04-05  Daniel Grunosupport auth'ed access
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunoadd in svn mirror dir
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunonix debug print
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunoallow for collated diffs
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunospool to syslog
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunodefault to PR when unknown
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunoreverse logic
2022-04-04  Daniel Grunosimplify logic, print target
2022-04-03  Daniel GrunoTrigger on ALL repos now, we're going live!
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunofix call
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunotypo fix
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunoimport requests
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunoadd in jira notification
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunoadd a space, newline isn't enough
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunoadd extra newlines so email clients will interpret...
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunoextra newline
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunod'oh, switch to actual mailing list
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunodo send email
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunofix typos
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunoallow for specifying which repos to respond to
2022-03-29  Daniel Grunoonly trigger for this repo for now
2022-03-10  Daniel GrunoCreate
2022-03-10  Daniel GrunoAdd sytemd script
2022-03-10  Daniel Grunolinting
2022-03-10  Daniel Grunocollate diff comments that belong to the same user/PR
2022-03-10  Daniel Grunorename to reflect upcoming reality
2022-03-10  Daniel Grunosimplify - the rest will be handled internally in notif...
2022-03-10  Daniel Grunofix pip name
2022-03-09  Daniel GrunoCheck in WIP notifier main program
2022-01-21  Daniel Grunoadd requirements.txt
2022-01-21  Daniel is inferred
2022-01-20  Daniel Grunoadd config yaml
2022-01-19  Daniel GrunoUse pubsub-provided github links
2022-01-19  Daniel GrunoAdd templates for emails