2022-04-11  gmcdonaldremove .asf.yaml after testing main
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldback to / root for ghpages
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldremove a label. This is one commit after / to docs...
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldremove 2 labels, add /docs as ghpages
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldyet another label
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldyet another label
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldadd another label
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldremove a label
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldadd another label
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldadd another label after the docs/ to / change
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldswitch from /docs dir to /
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldadd a label
2022-04-11  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1 from apache/gm/gh-pages-main
2022-04-11  gmcdonaldtest ghpages gm/gh-pages-main 1/head
2022-04-01  Daniel Grunobounce occ everywhere
2021-09-20  Daniel GrunoAdd some custom variables
2021-06-18  Daniel Grunoperm denied is 13
2021-06-18  Daniel Grunoadd permission denied catch
2021-03-10  Daniel Grunoshadow print
2021-03-10  Daniel GrunoDifferent syntax for git and svn
2021-03-10  Daniel Grunoallow skipping other commands if we found a match
2021-03-10  Daniel GrunoOF: Fix variable name and default
2021-02-17  Daniel GrunoAllow for a yaml list of command arguments to run
2021-02-17  Daniel Grunooptimize branching
2021-02-17  Daniel GrunoRefactor: Have run_as catch the four known cases and...
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoAllow running commands as a separate user
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoRename occ.yaml to occ.yaml.sample
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoCreate pipservice-occ.service
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoCreate occ.yaml
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoCreate requirements.txt
2021-02-16  Daniel GrunoInitial commit