2017-09-01  Chris ThistlethwaiteAdding in the kitchen-puppet version master 3/head
2017-09-01  PonoMerge branch 'master' of https://git1-us-west.apache...
2017-09-01  Ponoupdate instructions going from scratch
2017-08-31  Daniel Takamorichange from puppetlabs xenial image to ubuntu default
2017-01-28  Ponouse OS name instead of service
2017-01-06  John D. AmentAdding base 1604 yaml.
2017-01-06  John D. Amentmore minor formatting fixes.
2017-01-06  John D. AmentCleaned formatting.
2016-12-30  Chris ThistlethwaiteMoved fisheye-ubuntu1664.yaml to the puppet repo.
2016-12-30  Chris ThistlethwaiteForgot to add my updated .kitchen.yml
2016-12-30  Chris ThistlethwaiteInitial checkin of kitchen that contains a mangled...
2016-12-28  dadd fluxos new image and backport changes from 1404...
2016-12-26  Daniel Takamoriadd 1404 as trusty suite
2016-12-26  Chris LambertusMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-12-26  Chris Lambertuscomment out extraneous asfcolo stuff. bump 14.04 box...
2016-12-13  Daniel Takamoriadd freddybs changes
2016-11-23  dremove 1604.yaml and add note about vagrant install
2016-11-03  Chris Lambertusupdate documentation to remove some extraneous code...
2016-11-02  dadd 1604 support and switch transport to kitchen-sync
2016-05-13  Daniel TakamoriMerge branch 'azbarcea-master'
2016-05-13  Alexandru Zbarceafix documentation for getting started with infra kitchen 1/head
2016-03-09  Geoffrey Coreyupdate .kitchen.yaml, update hiera to not do weird...
2016-01-05  Geoffrey CoreyMerge pull request #3 from rubys/bootstrapping
2016-01-04  Geoffrey CoreyMerge pull request #2 from rubys/haveged
2015-12-31  Sam RubyDocument my (incomplete/evolving) understanding
2015-12-30  Sam Rubyhavaged => haveged
2015-11-12  Geoffrey CoreyMerge pull request #1 from rubys/patch-1
2015-11-12  Sam RubyMostly editorial changes
2015-11-05  Geoffrey CoreyAdd timezone module settings
2015-11-05  Geoffrey Coreyfix up bootstrapping
2015-11-05  Geoffrey CoreyUpdate
2015-11-05  Geoffrey Coreyspruce up README
2015-11-05  Geoffrey CoreyUpdate .kitchen.yml to what I currently use
2015-11-05  Geoffrey CoreyAdd r10k gem
2015-11-05  Geoffrey CoreyRemove kitchen-openstack gem, not explicitly required.
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreyupdate base packages
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreyadd python stuff
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreymake hiera deep merge (requires deep_merge gem)
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreybring closer inline with prod (only values that matter)
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreyadd yaml for default (does nothing atm)
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreyspruce up
2015-10-19  Geoffrey Coreymake this folder exist
2015-04-09  Geoffrey Coreyspacing, make sure syntax is correct
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyfix svnwcsub conf file
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyupdate README
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyupdate readme
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreydisable apt caching integration by default
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreydisable http_proxy by default
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyignore some folders that can exist so they don't accide...
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyadd caching values for virtualbox
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyadd oem (similar to infra-puppet)
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreymake proper hiera file (with package caching specific...
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreypoint to test svnwcsub config file
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyclean up
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyadd example tlp setup w/ maven
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyremove these files
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreysybc with infra puppet repo more
2015-03-17  Geoffrey CoreyUpdate Gemfile
2015-03-17  Geoffrey CoreyAdd centos 6.6 box support
2015-01-15  Geoffrey CoreyStop downloading chef
2015-01-09  Geoffrey Coreyfix typo
2015-01-07  Geoffrey CoreyAdd some more detail to readme
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd a bit more to the docs
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd some helpfule stuff
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyMake compatible with openstack config
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyPull out node specific clases
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd node specific yaml file
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyRemove vm_hostname stuff
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreySet vm hostname
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd vagrant kitchen file
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyChange net-ssh lib to allow ed25519 host key algs
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd more files to ignore
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd basic puppet + hiera + test kitchen files
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd git ignore
2015-01-05  Geoffrey CoreyInitial commit