descriptionApache Infrastructure Puppet
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 30 Mar 2017 08:18:28 +0000 (03:18 -0500)
37 min ago  Greg Steinadd py-gfm to BB nodes that build pelican-based websites deployment gs/gfm
6 hours ago  Chris Lambertusupdate jiratest to 7.3.3. (current) cml/jira-updates
11 hours ago  Chris Lambertusper gstein
17 hours ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteFixing the permissions to /reference christ/addsvnperms
18 hours ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteAdding infrastructure/trunk/projects/reference
22 hours ago  gmcdonaldIncrease MaxMetaSpaceSize gm/fishguts-mmss
33 hours ago  gmcdonaldupdate confluence license through April 2018. Re-encryp... gm/conflicense
33 hours ago  Daniel TakamoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cml/jiratest-updat...
33 hours ago  Chris Lambertusbump version to 7.0 for upgrade testing cml/jiratest-update
34 hours ago  Daniel TakamoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cml/jiratest-updat...
34 hours ago  Chris Lambertustest latest psql driver on jiratest
40 hours ago  Daniel Takamorione humbedooh coming up pono/proxycookies
42 hours ago  Chris Lambertusadd zmanda client to tools-vm cml/tools-backup
2 days ago  Chris LambertusMerge branch 'cml/jiratest-update' of https://git-wip...
2 days ago  Chris Lambertusbump test version to 6.4.14
4 days ago  Daniel TakamoriINFRA-13751 add JSPWiki to svngit2jira pono/INFRA-13751
37 min ago deployment
37 min ago gs/gfm
6 hours ago cml/jira-updates
17 hours ago christ/addsvnperms
22 hours ago gm/fishguts-mmss
33 hours ago gm/conflicense
33 hours ago cml/jiratest-update
40 hours ago pono/proxycookies
42 hours ago cml/tools-backup
4 days ago pono/INFRA-13751
4 days ago humbedooh/hadoopsvn
5 days ago humbedooh/nifipmc
5 days ago pono/toolsvm-reencrypt
6 days ago humbedooh/fixmpm
6 days ago cml/jiratest
6 days ago cml/translate-vm