2022-09-18  Greg Steinraw=True was not carried over from old invocation.... master
2022-09-17  Greg Steinconstruct the dist authz file, too
2022-09-17  Greg Steinfix param order on atomic_write()
2022-09-15  Greg Steinswitch to listen_forever()
2022-09-15  Greg Steincouple minor comment tweaks
2022-09-15  Greg SteinFully generate the repos/dist authorization.
2022-09-15  Greg Steinbegin sketching out how to generate the dist authz...
2022-09-15  Greg Steinadd method to return a list of CN values (eg. projects)
2022-09-15  Greg Steinoop. fix output file name
2022-09-15  Greg Steinrefactor to an atomic_write() helper function
2021-11-08  sebbASFUpdate
2021-04-23  Greg SteinMove some debug to deeper -vv
2021-04-23  Greg Steintweak help string for --verbose
2021-04-23  Greg Steindocco new --test switch
2021-04-23  Greg SteinBetter test/debug for svn authz generation.
2021-04-19  GavClarify some things.
2021-04-17  Greg SteinUpdate
2021-04-17  Greg SteinUpdate
2021-04-15  Greg SteinMerge branch 'master' of
2021-04-15  Greg SteinAdd instructions for testing
2021-04-15  Greg SteinEnable local filepaths for testing.
2021-04-15  Greg SteinIgnore the config file.
2021-04-15  Greg SteinDelete svnauthz.yaml
2021-04-15  Greg SteinAdd other possible config into the sample.
2021-04-05  dfoulks1Update
2021-04-05  dfoulksOF: filled out some of the README
2021-04-05  dfoulkswhitespace bump for pip re-install
2021-04-05  dfoulksOF: added start as user and group
2021-03-31  dfoulks1Update
2021-03-31  dfoulks1Update
2021-03-31  dfoulkspython-ldap specify version
2021-03-31  dfoulksOF: python3-ldap
2021-03-31  dfoulksOF: using python-ldap3
2021-03-31  dfoulks1Update
2021-03-31  dfoulksOF: ldap package name change
2021-03-31  dfoulksOF: ldap -> python3-ldap
2021-03-31  dfoulksOF: fixed working dir mishap and added ldap to requirements
2021-03-31  dfoulks1Update pipservice-svnauthz.service
2021-03-31  dfoulks1Update pipservice-svnauthz.service
2021-03-26  dfoulksRemoved .erb extension from yaml template
2021-03-26  dfoulksRenamed authz.yaml svnauthz.yaml and updated the script...
2021-03-26  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1 from apache/pipservice
2021-03-26  dfoulksadded dummy start / stop commands to test deployment pipservice 1/head
2021-03-26  dfoulksupdated config name
2021-03-26  dfoulksupdated erb to use the new pipservice encrypted var...
2021-03-26  dfoulksDifferentiated between whimsy credentials and github...
2021-03-26  dfoulksAdded authz erb template and service file for pipservice
2021-03-26  Daniel GrunoRename sample to follow code change
2021-03-26  Daniel GrunoTweak config filename for pipservice' sake
2021-03-25  Greg SteinDynamically fetch templates.
2021-03-25  Greg Steinswitch directive to :readonly: for clarity
2021-03-25  Greg SteinAdd :block: directive, to make svn paths readonly
2021-03-23  Greg SteinMove some output under the DEBUG flag.
2021-03-23  Greg SteinMove auth.cfg into authz.yaml
2021-03-23  Greg SteinImplement authz generation.
2021-03-23  Greg SteinAnother turning of the crank, on a draft daemon.
2021-03-22  Greg Steinignore the pycache
2021-03-22  Greg SteinKeep turning the crank. Construct a long-lived Generato...
2021-03-22  Greg SteinBegin crafting a script for generating authz files...
2021-03-15  Greg SteinInitial draft of a pubsub client for authz management.
2021-03-12  Greg Steinwe use yaml for commit. make sure it is present.
2021-03-12  Greg Steinsome more basic changes
2021-03-12  Greg Steinadd some basic files