2022-08-21  Dan Haywoodupdates master
2022-08-21  Dan Haywoodupdates
2022-08-20  Dan Haywoodupdates
2022-08-20  Dan Haywoodupdates
2022-08-20  Dan Haywoodupdates bundle for 2.0.0-M8
2021-08-05  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2021-03-24  danhaywoodadds in JPA to menu
2021-03-07  danhaywoodupdates copyright dates
2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #4 from ahus1/ISIS-2368-adding-light...
2020-10-02  Alexander SchwartzISIS-2368: fixing lightbox for wide images 4/head
2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #1 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #2 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #3 from ahus1/ISIS-2368-adding-light...
2020-10-01  Alexander SchwartzISIS-2368: porting lightbox feature for figures without... 3/head
2020-04-03  danhaywoodadds search
2020-03-29  danhaywooduses page.attributes.isisrel
2020-03-29  danhaywooduses page.attributes.isisrel
2020-03-29  danhaywoodallow doc to be wider
2020-03-17  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2020-03-17  danhaywoodreorg archive menus
2020-03-09  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2020-03-09  danhaywoodadds 'latest/' to all of the links
2020-03-09  danhaywoodupdates
2020-03-09  danhaywoodadds nav icons, menu items for archived v1.x docs
2020-03-06  danhaywoodadds nav-pagination, fixes some bad links in top menu
2020-02-25  danhaywoodtweaks margins
2020-02-07  danhaywoodfixes slugs for tocify
2020-02-05  danhaywoodtoc -> docs
2020-02-05  danhaywoodrenames 'toc' to 'docs' in hrefs
2020-02-05  danhaywoodupdates to menu
2020-02-04  danhaywoodupdates menu structure again
2020-02-04  danhaywoodupdates menu structure again
2020-02-04  danhaywoodcolours, new -narrow page-role
2020-02-04  danhaywoodupdates menu
2020-01-31  danhaywoodadds float left etc for sidebars
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-23  danhaywoodtweaks positioning of callout items
2020-01-22  danhaywoodminor CSS changes
2020-01-22  danhaywoodfixes indent for tocify subheads
2020-01-22  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2020-01-16  danhaywoodupdates bundle - config of tocify
2020-01-15  danhaywoodupdates top level menu, is all.
2020-01-11  danhaywoodupdates menu
2019-12-19  danhaywoodrecreate bundle
2019-12-19  danhaywoodupdates the order of menu items
2019-12-19  danhaywoodsorts out menu spacing
2019-12-17  danhaywoodupdates header
2019-12-17  danhaywoodremoves page margins, adds smoke to LHS nav, updates...
2019-12-16  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2019-12-13  danhaywoodchanges font
2019-12-13  danhaywoodswitches colours
2019-11-21  danhaywoodremoves mixins from menu
2019-11-18  danhaywoodupdates to header
2019-11-18  danhaywoodmoves toc to the left a little
2019-11-18  danhaywoodupdates bundle zip
2019-11-18  danhaywoodremoves dotted underline for hyperlinks on top level...
2019-11-18  danhaywoodchanges menu title
2019-11-17  danhaywoodupdates bundle
2019-11-15  danhaywoodfixes opacity for nav when explore drawer is open
2019-11-15  danhaywoodfixes colors in nav bar, also moves toc on right
2019-11-14  danhaywoodlightens up the colors
2019-11-14  danhaywoodfixes width, fixes menu links, check in bundle here
2019-11-14  danhaywoodcolours and page roles
2019-11-13  danhaywoodmore colourful
2019-11-13  danhaywoodadding some colors
2019-11-12  dependabot... Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 2/head
2019-11-12  dependabot... Bump lodash.merge from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 1/head
2019-11-12  danhaywoodfixes linting
2019-11-12  danhaywoodreplaces tocbot with tocify
2019-11-11  danhaywoodmods to menu
2019-09-24  danhaywooddeeper tocbot headings, creates links of menu headings.
2019-09-23  danhaywoodfurther mods to menu, fixes src link to local tocbot...
2019-09-19  danhaywoodadds tocbot as local resource
2019-09-19  danhaywoodreworks menu
2019-09-19  danhaywoodCSS improvements for tocbot
2019-09-17  danhaywoodfine tuning spacing
2019-09-17  danhaywoodremoves the previous TOC implementation
2019-09-17  danhaywoodMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-09-17  danhaywoodadds menu for extensions
2019-09-17  danhaywoodupdates to pom.xml gav, url
2019-09-17  danhaywoodupdates gulp version
2019-09-11  Dan Allencorrectly document how to disable the editUrl (and...
2019-09-10  Dan Allenmention in README that Node.js provides npm
2019-09-10  Dan Allenrefresh dependencies
2019-09-10  Dan Allenclarify how page attributes are defined and used
2019-09-03  Dan Allenresolves #98 ignore image optimizer if not available
2019-09-03  Dan Allenupdate dependencies
2019-09-03  Dan Allenupdate dependency lock file
2019-09-03  Dan Allenuse fallback function when image optimizer isn't available
2019-09-03  Dan Allencopy any gif images under src/img
2019-08-28  Dan Allenupdate dependencies; fix newly detected lint error
2019-08-28  Dan Allenmerge !91
2019-08-28  Dan Allenprepend site path when resolving relative URL if from...
2019-08-28  Dan Allenminor rewording in docs for site.url and site.path...
2019-08-28  Dan Allenuse single-quoted strings in Handlebars expressions
2019-08-25  Dan Allencolor unresolved link