2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds error scenario that visitAt when bookVisit must... main tags/09-01-bookVisit-integ-test
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds error scenario for bookVisit that a reason is...
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds happy case for Pet#bookVisit integ test
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds Bootstrap_IntegTest to check the visits module...
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds application-test.yml for visits module
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds VisitsModuleIntegTestAbstract, to bootstrap tests
2021-10-06  Dan Haywoodadds integtest dependency for visits module
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates HomePageViewModel to use VisitPlusPetOwner... tags/08-03-view-model-projecting-an-entity
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds VisitPlusPetOwner view model
2021-10-05  Dan HaywoodAdds bookVisit mixin for HomePageViewModel tags/08-02-home-page-bookVisit-convenience-action
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds columnOrders for 2 new collections of HomePageView... tags/08-01-home-page-additional-collections
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodrenames columnOrder for HomePageViewModel objects to...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates layout file for HomePageViewModel with new...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodextends HomePageViewModel to show 3 collections of...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates VisitRepository to inherit from JpaRepository...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates PetRepository to inherit from JpaRepository...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds subscriber for Visits to veto delete of PetOwner... tags/07-01-delete-action-events
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds subscriber for Pets to cascade delete if PetOwner...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodreworks PetOwner_delete to emit domain events.
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds unit test for Pets_bookVisit tags/06-01-unit-test-bookVisit-default-time
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds Maven dependency to test libraries, for visits...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds columnOrder for visits collection of Pet tags/05-03-schedule-visit-action
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds png for Visit
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds layout file for Visit
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds bookVisit mixin action for Pet
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds visits mixin collection for Pet
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds reason property to Visit
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds Reason meta-annotation
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds visits schema for application.yml configuration tags/05-02-visit-entity-key-properties
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds VisitRepository
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates teardown fixture for VisitsModule
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds Visit entity
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodupdates webapp to depend upon visits module tags/05-01-visit-module
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodadds empty visits module
2021-10-05  Dan Haywooddeletes from Pet entity in the pets module's teardown... tags/04-10-pets-module-cleanup
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodrefactors PetOwner delete action to a mixin, and delete...
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodmoves PetOwner mixins for pets
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodmoves fixture classes
2021-10-05  Dan Haywoodmoves Pet entity and supporting files into its own...
2021-10-03  Dan Haywooddefaults name for removePet if there is only one. tags/04-09-PetOwner-deletePet-action
2021-10-03  Dan Haywooddiables removePet action if the owner has no pets.
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds choices for removeAct to restrict names to those...
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds sequence for addPet action, to be explicit
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds removePet action mixin for PetOwner
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodupdates PetClinicDemo to create Pets as well as PetOwners. tags/04-08-Pet-personas
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds Pet_persona with example Pets
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds a PetBuilder to add Pets using domain logic
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodmakes PetOwnerBuilder idempotent
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodshows title with icon, in tables tags/04-07-Pet-ui-customisation
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds custom icon for Pet, based on its species
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds title for Pet
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodupdates icon file for PetOwner
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds Pet.png icon file
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds a Pet.layout.xml file
2021-10-03  Dan HaywoodDefaults the species of Pet to Dog when adding pet tags/04-06-PetOwner-addPet-action
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds validation to prevent two Pets with same name...
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds findByPetOwnerAndName to PetRepository
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds PetOwner_addPet mixin
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodupdates jdbc url tags/04-05-db-schema-consistent-casings
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds table name and column names for PetOwner entity
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds table name for Pet entity
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds notes property to Pet tags/04-04-pet-remaining-properties
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds petSpecies property to Pet
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds PetSpecies enum
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds column order file for PetOwner's pets collection tags/04-03-PetOwner-pets-mixin-collection
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodupdates PetOwner layout file for positioning of pets...
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds PetOwner_pets mixin collection
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds PetRepository tags/04-02-PetRepository
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds Pet entity tags/04-01-pet-entity-key-properties
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodadds PetName meta-annotation
2021-10-03  Dan Haywooddeletes (unused) PetOwner#others.columnOrder.txt tags/03-11-PetOwner-columnOrder
2021-10-03  Dan Haywooddefines columnOrder for PetOwner in the 'objects' paren...
2021-10-03  Dan Haywoodupdates columnOrder of PetOwner for standalone collections
2021-10-03  Dan Haywooddeclares PetOwner id as a property
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodupdates PetOwner to associate properties with the new... tags/03-10-PetOwner-fieldsets
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodadds fieldSets for contact details and notes (for PetOwner)
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodmoves validation logic for lastName from property to... tags/03-09-validation-rules-using-metaannotations
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodupdates EmailAddress with regex pattern.
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodupdates PhoneNumber with regex pattern.
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodadds phoneNumber and emailAddress to PetOwner tags/03-08-add-remaining-PetOwner-properties
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodadds EmailAddress meta-annotation
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodadds PhoneNumber meta-annotation
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodfixes integ tests tags/03-07-derived-PetOwner-name
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodassociates PetOwner#updateName with new name property
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodhides PetOwner lastName and firstName propertie
2021-10-02  Dan Haywoodadds derived PetOwner#name property
2021-10-02  Dan HaywoodRemoves unnecessary @ActionLayout#promptStyle and comme...
2021-10-01  Dan Haywoodsets up default prompt styles tags/03-06-prompt-styles
2021-10-01  Dan Haywoodsets up initial fixture script under a 'dev' Spring... tags/03-05-initial-fixture-script
2021-10-01  Dan Haywoodadds firstName to PetOwners#create action tags/03-04-modifies-PetOwners-create-action
2021-10-01  Dan Haywoodadds default for new parameter of PetOwner#updateName tags/03-03-modifies-PetOwner-updateName-action
2021-10-01  Dan Haywoodadds firstName as parameter to PetOwner#updateName
2021-09-30  Dan HaywoodupdatesPetOwner_persona fixture script with better... tags/03-02-adds-PetOwner-firstName-property
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodrefactors title to use title() method
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodadds overload to withName factory method
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodadds firstName property
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodadds @FirstName meta-annotation
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodrenames @Name to @LastName tags/03-01-renames-PetOwner-name-property
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodrenames PetOwner actions' associateWith attribute
2021-09-30  Dan Haywoodupdates menubars.layout.xml with new action names of...