2021-08-26  danhaywoodupdates website master
2021-08-26  danhaywoodupdates website
2021-07-19  danhaywoodfixes link to demo app
2021-05-23  danhaywoodupdates per simpleapp tests, demo-wicket jdo and jpa
2021-05-23  danhaywoodupdates website
2021-04-17  danhaywoodupdates website
2021-04-09  danhaywoodadds docs for spring security
2021-04-05  danhaywoodpersistence jpa, events, quartz, formatting
2021-04-04  danhaywoodimproves website update process docs
2021-04-04  danhaywoodfixes links to security guide
2021-04-01  danhaywoodupdates to website
2021-04-01  danhaywoodISIS-2484: updates to website
2021-04-01  danhaywoodremoves content/versions/2.0.0-M1 and 2.0.0-M2.
2021-03-28  danhaywood : production changes to website
2020-10-17  danhaywoodISIS-2322 : production changes to website
2020-04-03  danhaywoodISIS-2336: updates with search index
2020-04-03  danhaywoodISIS-2336: adds search
2020-03-29  danhaywoodISIS-2336: fixes menu links from template
2020-03-29  danhaywoodISIS-2336: improve structure of 'Core Design'
2020-03-29  danhaywoodISIS-2336: updates slack images, release process
2020-03-28  danhaywoodISIS-2094: don't ignore 'latest' dir
2020-03-28  danhaywoodISIS-2094 : production changes to website
2020-03-28  danhaywoodISIS-2094 : production changes to website
2020-03-28  danhaywoodremoves existing content (apart from versions and schema)
2020-03-08  danhaywoodadds .asf.yaml
2020-03-08  danhaywoodupdates to use serve rather than python
2019-12-19  danhaywoodupdates with link to slack sign-up page
2019-01-22  danhaywoodISIS-1811: fixes release notes for 1.17.0 and 2.0.0...
2019-01-22  danhaywoodISIS-1811: adds docs for 2.0.0-M2
2019-01-06  danhaywoodISIS-1899: fixes for migration and release notes for...
2019-01-06  danhaywoodISIS-1899: updates site for 1.17.0
2018-09-18  danhaywoodISIS-1899: republishes 1.16.2 docs
2018-08-13  danhaywoodISIS-1810: updates docs for 2.0.0-M1
2018-08-12  danhaywoodISIS-1810: updates with first draft of 2.0.0-M1 release.
2018-04-07  Dan HaywoodISIS-1899: updates home page to reference events page
2018-03-05  Dan Haywood1.16.2 website
2018-02-22  Dan Haywoodminor adjustments to index.html
2018-02-22  Dan HaywoodISIS-1813: publishing 1.16.1 second pass
2018-02-22  Dan HaywoodISIS-1813: publishing 1.16.1 first pass
2018-02-14  Dan HaywoodISIS-1813: adds release notes for 1.16.1
2018-02-13  Dan HaywoodISIS-1813: snapshot for 1.16.1-SNAPSHOT.
2018-02-13  Dan Haywoodpublishes 1.16.1-SNAPSHOT
2018-01-08  Dan Haywoodupdates home index.html
2018-01-08  Dan Haywoodrepublishes, updating content and creates new SNAPSHOT
2018-01-08  Dan Haywoodcopies current to 1.16.0
2018-01-08  Dan Haywoodreplaces current with SNAPSHOT
2018-01-08  Dan Haywoodupdates SNAPSHOT
2018-01-04  Dan Haywoodupdates SNAPSHOT
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodmulti-version website now looks ok
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodadds SNAPSHOT version
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodreplaces versions/xxx/index.html with a redirect back...
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodadds current version into versions/current
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodadds earlier versions
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodrenames content/archive to content/versions
2018-01-03  Dan Haywoodadds a test content/archive directory
2018-01-02  Dan HaywoodISIS-1772: adds 'isis.reflector.explicitAnnotations...
2018-01-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: adds in pdfs not being generated previosly
2018-01-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: adds missing menu for datanucleus object...
2018-01-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: adds missing menu for datanucleus object...
2018-01-01  Dan Haywoodadds missing pdfs, failing due to memory issue previous...
2018-01-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: updates to .adoc to include new section...
2018-01-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: updates to .adoc to include new section...
2017-12-31  Dan HaywoodISIS-1774: adds 'isis.persistor.datanucleus.standaloneC...
2017-12-30  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: fixes CSS FA icons for SwaggerServiceMenu
2017-12-28  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: tidies up documentation of FixtureScripts
2017-12-28  Dan HaywoodISIS-1748: adds new png files
2017-12-28  Dan HaywoodISIS-1748: updates simpleapp and helloworld to run...
2017-12-20  Dan HaywoodISIS-1797: adds a 'Continue' button to the error page
2017-12-15  Dan Haywoodupdates
2017-12-15  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: tiny doc fix
2017-12-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1786: fixes unit test
2017-11-08  Dan HaywoodISIS-1766: updates docs for menubars, and fixes an NPE
2017-11-06  Dan HaywoodISIS-1766: updates docs for menubars
2017-11-01  Dan Haywoodupdating content (built from adocs/documentation in...
2017-10-31  Dan Haywoodfixes image size in cgcom
2017-10-31  Dan Haywoodadds docker images
2017-10-31  Dan Haywoodfixes title for presentation
2017-10-31  Dan Haywoodadds link to imworld video
2017-10-10  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: adds new slides
2017-10-10  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: removes stale/old 'app structure' section...
2017-10-10  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: adds section describing the structure of...
2017-10-09  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: aggregated hints-n-tips, and updated cheat...
2017-10-09  Dan Haywoodadds new images for simpleapp structure, DN hints and...
2017-10-09  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: updates docs, hint-n-tip for DN 4.x and...
2017-09-25  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712 - updates docs, replace references to isisadd...
2017-09-22  Dan HaywoodMerge branch 'ISIS-1712_pr-95'
2017-09-22  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712: fixes tiny error in relesae guide
2017-09-22  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712: fixes bad link in release docs
2017-09-20  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712: adds clarifying comments for emiting of...
2017-09-18  Dan HaywoodISIS-1708: fixes some broken links
2017-09-16  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712: extra words around view models
2017-09-15  Dan Haywoodadds new images
2017-09-15  Dan HaywoodISIS-1712: adds hint-n-tip for instantiating view models
2017-09-14  Dan HaywoodISIS-1616: tidies up docs a little
2017-09-14  Dan Haywood ISIS-1616: adds documentation and DataNucleus support
2017-08-21  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: updates migration notes for 1.15.0
2017-08-21  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: updates to docs (quotes)
2017-08-18  Dan HaywoodISIS-1465: updates to docs
2017-08-15  Dan HaywoodISIS-1521: fixes links in template email to announce...
2017-08-14  Dan HaywoodISIS-1521: updates to verify procedures