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8 hours ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1166: take-on SoapEndpointPublishingRule and suppo... master
9 hours ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: improving redirect links from old site.
3 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: fixing bad links.
4 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: fixing bad links.
4 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: adding redirects for old pages on site.
4 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: converting "Isis" to "Apache Isis" in the...
6 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: replacing 'Isis' with 'Apache Isis'
6 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1165: moving the ActionMementoDtoUtils and support...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1165: take-on of 'schema' module to support integr...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: making the TODOs less noisy in the adocs...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1164: pretty printing support for RO viewer if...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1052: adding missing comment from SimpleObject...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1152: similar trivial refactoring to that made...
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1152: minor refactoring, added a unit test.
7 days ago Dan HaywoodISIS-1163: updating Jetty
2015-06-18 Dan HaywoodISIS-1133: fixing bad anchors for migration notes.
2 months ago last-commit-before-DataNucleus4
2 months ago pre-DN4 prior to merging in ISIS-789 (DataN...
4 months ago simpleapp-archetype-1.8.0
4 months ago isis-1.8.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
8 months ago isis-1.7.0
8 months ago todoapp-archetype-1.7.0
8 months ago simpleapp-archetype-1.7.0
8 months ago isis-viewer-wicket-1.7.0
11 months ago todoapp-archetype-1.6.0
11 months ago simpleapp-archetype-1.6.0
11 months ago isis-viewer-wicket-1.6.0
11 months ago isis-1.6.0
12 months ago quickstart_wicket_restful_jdo-archetype-1.5.0
12 months ago simple_wicket_restful_jdo-archetype-1.5.0
13 months ago isis-viewer-restfulobjects-2.3.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
13 months ago isis-security-shiro-1.5.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
8 hours ago master
2 months ago ISIS-1138
4 months ago methods-process-collection-and-property-layouts
4 months ago ISIS-988-migrate-to-log4j2
5 months ago ISIS-1020-problems-with-select2
8 months ago 1.7.0-maintenance
8 months ago ISIS-805
2 years ago scimpi-restructure
2 years ago 0.1.2-incubating
2 years ago 0.2.0-incubating