5 days ago  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-651 allow to exclude main artifact from validati... master
2022-08-23  Konrad Windszustrivial: fix invalid HTML in javadoc
2022-08-23  Konrad Windszusreleng: fix links to lifecycle mapping
2022-08-21  Konrad Windszusreleng: fix more javadoc links
2022-08-19  Konrad Windszusreleng: fix broken javadoc references
2022-07-26  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-635 emit styled validation messages (#82)
2022-07-25  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-629 fix ITs according to changed default value
2022-07-25  Konrad Windszusreleng: downgrade m-resources-p due to
2022-07-22  Konrad Windszusreleng: ignore git metadata on any level
2022-07-22  Konrad Windszusalso ignore git metadata in rat
2022-07-22  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-629 fail on uncovered source files by default
2022-07-14  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-642 replace plexus components by JSR 330 (#81)
2022-07-13  Konrad Windszusreleng: remove orphan filter.xsd
2022-07-05  Konrad Windszusreleng: add sanity check
2022-07-04  Konrad Windszusdocumentation: fix JDK requirement
2022-07-04  Konrad Windszusdocumentation: add reference to bindings
2022-07-04  Konrad Windszusdocumentation: clarify Maven extensions and bindings
2022-07-01  Konrad Windszusfix some links, clarify usage of extensions
2022-06-27  Konrad Windszusreleng: explicitly set scope
2022-06-27  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-618 clarify documentation of repositoryStructure...
2022-06-27  Konrad Windszusreleng: enforce complete runtime classpath (#80)
2022-06-27  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-641 drop maven-shared-utils dependency (#79)
2022-06-26  Konrad Windszusreleng: Update archiver, filtering and common-artifact...
2022-05-27  Konrad Windszuscleanup: remove Ohloh and redundant Matomo configuration
2022-05-27  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-621 add "builtWith" property in package definiti...
2022-04-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-626 pass maven.home property to forked failsafe...
2022-04-06  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-626 use maven-verifier 1.8.0 and set embedder...
2022-04-05  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-625 ignore "generate-cnd" in m2e
2022-03-27  Konrad Windszusreleng: clarify javadoc of thumbnailImage
2022-03-26  Konrad Windszusdoc: require Java 11 for build
2022-03-26  Konrad Windszusreleng: add .asf.yaml
2022-03-26  Konrad Windszusadd 1.3.0 site
2022-03-26  Konrad Windszusfix links
2022-03-26  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-607 Java 11 is required for build
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare release filevault-packag... filevault-package-maven-plugin-1.3.0
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusanother javadoc fix
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusfix javadoc
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusreleng: add 1.3.0 release notes
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-611 fix default phase binding (#74)
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:apache/jackrabb...
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusreleng: clean up and update dependencies
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-609 fix configuration of package-specific valida...
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:apache/jackrabb...
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-612 enable Matomo web tracking
2022-03-17  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-616 extend default value for parameter "excludes...
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusreleng: remove workaround for "Unexpected CryptoAPI...
2022-03-16  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-564 reverted workaround for FileVault 3.5.4
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszustrivial: fix since tags
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszustrivial: improve log message
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszusrefactoring: ValidationHelper renamed to ValidationMess...
2022-03-15  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-610 use TCP/IP communication to make JUnit5...
2022-03-09  Konrad Windszusreleng: refactoring
2022-03-09  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-558 add mojo for generating a CND (#69)
2022-03-09  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-610 switch to JUnit5 (#70)
2022-02-16  Konrad WindszusMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:apache/jackrabb...
2022-02-16  Konrad Windszustrivial: improve javadoc on parameter 'requiresRoot'
2022-02-15  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-607 build with Java11+ only (#68)
2022-01-18  Konrad Windszusreleng: Update Maven Plugin Tools to 3.6.4
2022-01-17  Konrad Windszusremove unused imports
2022-01-17  Konrad Windszusreleng: use latest FileVault snapshot
2022-01-17  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-595 prevent NPE when validate-package is execute...
2022-01-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-585 - Update Maven Archiver to 3.5.2
2022-01-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-580 parameterize Maven version (#66)
2021-12-28  Konrad Windszusfix typo
2021-12-23  Konrad Windszusreleng: remove redundant gpg sign plugin configuration
2021-12-23  Konrad Windszusreleng: use FileVault 3.5.8
2021-12-16  Konrad Windszustrivial: reorder dependencies to group Maven Core artif...
2021-12-16  Konrad WindszusMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:apache/jackrabb...
2021-12-16  Konrad Windszususe newest Vault SNAPSHOT
2021-12-15  Konrad WindszusFix link to content-package-maven-plugin
2021-11-25  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-567 move validationcontext implementations to...
2021-10-28  Konrad Windszusimprove javadoc
2021-10-28  Konrad Windszusjavadoc: clarify relation of goal generate-metadata...
2021-10-22  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-566 fix parsing of defaultSeverity inside valida...
2021-10-18  Konrad Windszusfix some documentation inconsistencies around validators
2021-10-18  Konrad Windszusadd link to 1.2.2
2021-10-18  Konrad Windszusreleng: restore accidentally remove release notes of...
2021-10-14  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-10-14  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare release filevault-packag... filevault-package-maven-plugin-1.2.2
2021-10-14  Konrad Windszusreleng: update release notes for 1.2.2
2021-10-14  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-564 fix default value for validator jackrabbit...
2021-10-08  Konrad Windszusreleng: tweak vote template
2021-10-08  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-10-08  Konrad Windszus[maven-release-plugin] prepare release filevault-packag...
2021-10-08  Konrad Windszusreleng: update maven-plugin-plugin
2021-10-08  Konrad Windszusreleng: fix javadoc
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusreleng: prepare release notest for 1.2.0
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusfix build status
2021-10-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-530 add Jenkinsfile
2021-10-05  Konrad Windszusreleng: use latest FileVault release 3.5.4
2021-10-05  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-554 don't bind "analyze-classes" by default...
2021-09-30  Konrad Windszusreleng: use latest SNAPSHOT of FileVault
2021-09-22  Konrad Windszustrivial: replace "mojo" by "goal" in log
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusfix m-antrun-p configuration after update to 3.0.0
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusclarify description of "analyze-classes"
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusfix some typos in site
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusreleng: Improve javadoc
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusreleng: add missing since tags
2021-09-01  Konrad Windszusadd additional documentation for filtering and classifiers