2021-07-30  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #2 from chibenwa/trunk trunk
2021-07-30  Tellier BenoitAdd a retirement note in the README 2/head
2021-07-30  Tellier BenoitAdd the RETIRED_PROJECT marker
2020-07-30  Eugen StanJAMES-3226 #comment Added antora docs stub
2020-02-13  Dongxu WangMerge pull request #1 from JLLeitschuh/fix/JLL/use_http...
2020-02-11  Jonathan LeitschuhUse HTTPS instead of HTTP to resolve dependencies 1/head
2018-03-05  Echo WangChange the todo to another line so that we can do there.
2018-03-01  Echo WangRefactoring README to improve the content.
2018-03-01  Echo WangFix typo for README.
2018-02-28  Echo WangUse header5 for the title of doc.
2018-02-27  Echo WangRemove maven version since we are using maven 3.
2018-02-26  Echo WangRemove commented out content.
2018-02-25  Echo WangAdd TODO tag for issue#HUPA-117.
2018-02-25  Echo WangReformat code.
2018-02-24  Echo WangClean code.
2018-02-24  Echo WangAdd license copyright for the roundcube theme.
2018-02-23  Echo WangReformat, remove the blank space.
2018-02-22  Echo WangUse google code archive link since google code has...
2017-12-15  DongxuRemove 404 repository, add jboss repository for cobogw. trunk
2017-12-15  DongxuRemove readme.txt..
2017-12-15  DongxuUpdate readme from txt to md.
2017-07-15  DongxuDowngrade dnd and cobogw version since which cannot...
2017-07-14  DongxuUpdate doc and ping the repository.
2015-06-10  DongxuHUPA-110 message select event should take place when...
2015-06-09  Dongxufix the UiHandlers with enable and disable rather than...
2015-06-05  Dongxuadd ui skin's license information.
2015-06-05  Dongxuremove warnings at _ToolPanel
2015-06-04  Dongxuit will redirect the inbox rather than nullpointerexcep...
2015-06-04  Dongxuremove some warnings using the suppress warnings.
2015-06-03  Dongxuremove some warnings for the source code.
2015-04-07  Manuel Carrasco... Disable about until implemented
2015-04-06  Manuel Carrasco... Fix callback not working in alert dialog widget
2015-04-06  Manuel Carrasco... Fix remove one message
2015-04-06  Manuel Carrasco... Do not send messages twice
2015-02-16  Manuel Carrasco... Latest GWT use SD by default, linker must be xsiframe
2015-02-16  Manuel Carrasco... Fix manifest issues with embedded jetty
2015-02-16  Manuel Carrasco... Implement new stub methods in tests
2015-02-16  Manuel Carrasco... Adjust upload icon size
2015-02-16  Manuel Carrasco... Fix the way to register uploaded files wiht new gwt...
2015-02-11  Manuel Carrasco... update gwtupload version
2015-02-08  Manuel Carrasco... Update gwt version
2014-11-06  Dongxuremove the test file from emma
2014-11-05  Dongxutypo
2014-07-27  Manuel Carrasco... Remove another deprecated client logger
2014-07-27  Manuel Carrasco... Remove deprecated client logger
2014-07-27  Dongxuscrub code
2014-06-18  EmmaTesting committer access
2014-06-18  Manuel Carrasco... update jetty version so as super-dev-mode does work...
2014-05-19  Dongxuupgrade gwt to the latest 2.6.1
2014-04-14  Manuel Carrasco... Update guice groupId
2014-03-22  DongxuDisable the glass of setting in login panel
2014-03-21  DongxuChange gQuery version to the latest 1.4.1
2014-03-20  Manuel Carrasco... Fix site doc creation due to a maven issue
2014-03-20  Manuel Carrasco... Fix site doc
2014-03-20  Manuel Carrasco... Formating: replace tabs by spaces, remove <cr>, remove...
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... Formating: Replace tabs with spaces
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... Do not remove non-hupa session attributes, so as hupa...
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... Return an empty settings if email is nor valid
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... Do not repeat contacts
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... add methods for getting the iso address from contacts
2014-03-15  Manuel Carrasco... Remove ecs stuff
2014-03-02  Manuel Carrasco... Update to gwt version 2.6.0
2014-03-02  Manuel Carrasco... update README
2014-03-02  Manuel Carrasco... forget file
2014-03-02  Manuel Carrasco... Complete refactor of HUPA so as many pieces can be...
2013-10-07  Dongxuremove useless diff file
2013-09-26  Dongxuadd theme's license note
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove the broken link of hupa
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove useless folders
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove some warnings in client package
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove useless files
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove useless files
2013-09-26  Dongxuremove useless folders
2013-09-25  Manuel Carrasco... Remove unused source files
2013-09-25  Manuel Carrasco... Fix hupa doc
2013-09-23  Manuel Carrasco... Big Commit: Fix everything broken after using "git...
2013-09-12  Dongxumake cursor pointer to the right place
2013-09-12  DongxuDisable InImapUserPreferencesStorage
2013-09-12  DongxuRemove unused stuff
2013-09-12  DongxuChange method signature
2013-09-12  DongxuMove method to Util class
2013-09-12  DongxuSet snapshot version higger than the current hupa in...
2013-09-12  DongxuFix RegexPatternsTest test
2013-09-12  DongxuFix tests
2013-09-12  DongxuCompiler optimizations and profiles
2013-09-12  Dongxumake a skeleton in the setting place, for more setting...
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#66 and remove one useless class, make Messa...
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#71, use an unique background
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#85, can move one message now in DEMO mode...
2013-09-12  Dongxuremove deprecated code
2013-09-12  Dongxuhide the show raw message button when not displaying...
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#86, use opening a new window button to...
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#82, make display message first and then...
2013-09-12  Dongxushow/hide attachment's panel according to the attachmen...
2013-09-12  Dongxuuse different INBOX folder in DEV and PROD mode respect...
2013-09-12  Dongxuscrub code, remove deprecated code
2013-09-12  Dongxufixed issue#87, and remove deprecated west view related...
2013-09-12  Dongxuadd searching... loading progress; add some attribute...
2013-09-12  Dongxumake more width for searchButton because firefox compre...
2013-09-12  Dongxuquick fix something - use textbox for search and make...