descriptionApache James jdkim
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 3 May 2017 10:24:49 +0000 (17:24 +0700)
2017-05-03  benwaJDKIM should not depend on SNAPSHOTS master
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1994 Update topbar
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1852 maven-site-plugin is no more inherited
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1852 JDkim should also have a fancy menu
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1852 Skin is no more inherited by James-project
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1852 Links are no more inherited by James-project
2017-05-03  benwaJAMES-1852 JDKIM should not be a child of james-project
2016-10-07  benwaJAMES-1831 JDKIM should use new logo
2016-10-07  benwaJAMES-1831 JDKIM should compile and pass tests
2015-05-15  Eric CharlesJDKIM should use latest version of mailet and mime4j... trunk
2012-12-27  Ioan Eugen... JDKIM-33 Updated libraries
2012-12-27  Ioan Eugen... JDKIM-33 IDE code analisis improvements and test migrat...
2012-12-27  Ioan Eugen... JDKIM-32 Upgraded to apache mailet 2.5.0
2011-11-25  Felix KnechtFix technical reports generation
2011-11-22  Felix KnechtUpdate to james-project 1.8
2011-10-19  Felix KnechtReformat (JAMES-1339)
5 years ago apache-jdkim-project-0.2 apache-jdkim-project-0.2
3 weeks ago master