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2020-07-30  Eugen StanJAMES-3226 #comment Added antora docs stub
2013-01-05  Eric CharlesFix compilation failure due to pom and new commons... trunk
2012-12-29  Eric CharlesFix MailContext mock in postage project further to...
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesComment temp test (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric Charlesremove libs, there are now defined via pom (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric Charlesremove empty folder (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesMove HOWTO and TODO in root folder
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesAdd simple temp test (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesRemove m_ prefixes from class fields (POSTAGE-24)
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesImpact code to use james3 components (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesRemove .txt extension (POSTAGE-23)
2012-06-14  Eric CharlesMore dependencies to run james3 SMTP server (POSTAGE-23)
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