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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 21 Jun 2018 14:05:43 +0000 (16:05 +0200)
2 days ago  Gautier DI... JAMES-2321 Add documentation for WebAdmin additionalFields master
2 days ago  Edgar AsatryanJAMES-2149 Create domain mappings via webadmin
3 days ago  Antoine DupratJAMES-2422 Change the default list delimiter (comma...
3 days ago  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-2414 Expose message capabilities in message manager
3 days ago  Raphael OuazanaFix Eclipse warning
3 days ago  Raphael OuazanaAdd an empty folder to make Eclipse happy
4 days ago  benwaJAMES-2430 Write an integration test for DLP matcher
4 days ago  ducJAMES-2428 [DLP] Webadmin DLP markdown documentation
4 days ago  ducJAMES-2428 [DLP] Web admin endpoint to update DLP confi...
4 days ago  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-2429 Don't fail on never null fields
4 days ago  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-2429 Upgrade EqualsVerifier
4 days ago  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-2429 Implement basic Dlp matcher
4 days ago  benwaJAMES-2429 Simplify mailet configuration with guice
4 days ago  benwaJAMES-2429 MimeMessageBuilder should support embedded...
4 days ago  benwaJAMES-2429 Helper for iterating multipart content
4 days ago  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-2429 provide Targets as a Stream of enum value
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20 months ago james-project-3.0-beta5 Release 3.0-beta5 for the James...
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