descriptionApache James project
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 26 Apr 2017 12:34:53 +0000 (14:34 +0200)
9 hours ago  Antoine DupratJAMES-2011 Add the Cassandra driver read timeout master
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 JPA should not loose flags when copying...
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Remove unecessary exception wrapping leading...
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Add additional Mapper test on duplicated...
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Correct Annotation JPA Mailbox Manager tests
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Use JpaTestCluster everywhere in JPA mailbox
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Solve various JPA troubbles
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Use mailbox generateAssociatedPath in JPAMai...
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 data-jmap shoukd not rely on contract tests
9 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Remove all JUNIT contracts usages for Mailbo...
38 hours ago  benwaJAMES-2008 Move away from JUNIT contract tests in Mappe...
38 hours ago  Antoine DupratMAILBOX-294 Fix Eclipse warnings
38 hours ago  benwaMAILBOX-294 Avoid calling Cassandra when Noop flags...
5 days ago  benwaMAILBOX-294 Correct MessageIdMapper test
5 days ago  Luc DUZANJAMES-1921 Add RawMailQueueItemDecoratorFactory bean...
5 days ago  benwaJAMES-2004 Re-add missing configuration file for Guice...
5 months ago james-project-3.0.0-beta5 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
6 months ago james-project-3.0-beta5 Release 3.0-beta5 for the James...
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