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2 days ago  benwaJAMES-2067 Add post for JSieve 0.7 release master
2 days ago  benwaJAMES-2068 Update JSIEVE dependency
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-2064 Consider IMAP self delegation as normal...
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1720 MockMailboxSession is mutable and thus shoul...
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1720 Add toString to ScriptSummary
3 days ago  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1720 upgrade cassandra driver to 3.x
4 days ago  quynhnJAMES-2058 Add new page on the website to configure...
4 days ago  benwaJAMES-2063 SelectedMailboxImpl should allow concurrent...
5 days ago  benwaJAMES-2063 Add tests on SelectedMailboxImpl for concurr...
5 days ago  benwaJAMES-1765 Wiring should be used for IoC solutions...
6 days ago  benwaJAMES-2062 Update MIME4J to 0.8.1
9 days ago  benwaJAMES-2061 Add a post for mime4j 0.8.1
9 days ago  Antoine DupratJAMES-2059 Run MPT tests on random ports
9 days ago  benwaJAMES-2057 Provide missing javadocs
10 days ago  benwaJAMES-1789 Refresh list of available mailets/matcher...
11 days ago  benwaMAILET-157 Update ICAL4J to version 2.0.0
6 weeks ago james-project-3.0.0-RC1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
7 months ago james-project-3.0.0-beta5 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
8 months ago james-project-3.0-beta5 Release 3.0-beta5 for the James...
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