descriptionApache James project
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 24 Mar 2017 09:16:16 +0000 (16:16 +0700)
20 hours ago  Quynh NguyenMAILBOX-290 Should be normal attachment in case of... master
28 hours ago  benwaJAMES-1950 Adding metric collection for JVM data
28 hours ago  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-1950 Fix mailQueueSize graphics: the unit was...
28 hours ago  benwaJAMES-1974 Adding missing licenses
28 hours ago  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1974 Try to get rid of spring
28 hours ago  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1974 Remove useless dependencies
44 hours ago  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-1950 Add operations per minute curves to count...
44 hours ago  Quynh NguyenJAMES-1965 Simplify MessageFactory
44 hours ago  Quynh NguyenJAMES-1965 Make htmlBody and textBody should be Optional
44 hours ago  Quynh NguyenJAMES-1965 Add more testings for "Compute textBody...
44 hours ago  Quynh NguyenJAMES-1965 Compute textBody when htmlBody is available
2 days ago  benwaJAMES-1950 Remove duplicate Grafana board
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1968 Removing cassandra index creation capability
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1968 Rework CassandraSieveRepository
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1968 Script model
3 days ago  benwaJAMES-1968 Improve a bit code in MailboxMapper
4 months ago james-project-3.0.0-beta5 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
5 months ago james-project-3.0-beta5 Release 3.0-beta5 for the James...
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