descriptionApache Jclouds
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last changeTue, 31 Mar 2015 03:57:59 +0000 (20:57 -0700)
5 hours ago Andrew GaulRemove unused import master
6 hours ago Andrew GaulAddress and suppress FindBugs warnings
6 hours ago Andrew GaulUpgrade to findbugs-maven-plugin 3.0.1
7 hours ago Andrew GaulFix error-prone StringEquality
7 hours ago Andrew GaulFix error-prone DepAnn
7 hours ago Andrew GaulFix error-prone PreconditionsCheckNotNullPrimitive
7 hours ago Andrew GaulEnable Google error-prone for builds
13 hours ago Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-183: Enable Azure testGetIfModifiedSince
32 hours ago Andrew GaulUpdate developers stanza
6 days ago Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
7 days ago Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.0 release jclouds-1.9.0 jclouds-1.9.0-rc2
7 days ago Ignasi BarreraFix HPCloudComputeTemplateBuilderLiveTest
7 days ago Ignasi BarreraFixes OpenStack extension namespace configuration
10 days ago Zack ShoylevAdds a rackspace-specific test and a fix for the volume...
10 days ago Everett ToewsModernize the VolumeAttachmentApiLiveTest
11 days ago Everett ToewsDeprecate Nova API for volumes in favour of Cinder...
37 hours ago jclouds-1.9.0 Apache jclouds 1.9.0 release
7 days ago jclouds-1.9.0-rc2 Apache jclouds 1.9.0 release
2 weeks ago jclouds-1.9.0-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
5 months ago jclouds-1.8.1 Release jclouds 1.8.1
5 months ago jclouds-1.8.1-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
7 months ago jclouds-1.8.0 Release jclouds 1.8.0
8 months ago jclouds-1.8.0-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
10 months ago jclouds-1.7.3-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
10 months ago jclouds-1.7.3 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
11 months ago jclouds-1.7.2 Release jclouds 1.7.2
11 months ago jclouds-1.7.2-rc2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
11 months ago jclouds-1.7.2-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
13 months ago jclouds-1.7.1 Release jclouds-1.7.1
13 months ago jclouds-1.7.1-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
15 months ago jclouds-1.7.0
15 months ago jclouds-1.7.0-rc2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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