descriptionApache Jclouds
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 25 Oct 2016 13:19:50 +0000 (15:19 +0200)
23 min ago Ignasi BarreraFix AWS EC2 compute live tests master
24 min ago Ignasi BarreraResource management moved to the caller
24 min ago Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-1187: Do not load Json payloads to memory when...
40 hours ago Andrew GaulEnable LongLiteralLowerCaseSuffix
40 hours ago Andrew GaulAvoid lower-case l literal suffix
40 hours ago Andrew GaulAvoid C-style array declarations
42 hours ago Andrew GaulEnable more error-prone checks
2 days ago Andrew GaulMake inner class static
2 days ago Andrew GaulAddress confusing operator precedence
2 days ago Andrew GaulRemove unused imports
5 days ago Ignasi BarreraFixed infinite recursion in EC2 image live test
5 days ago Ignasi BarreraMove digital ocean rate limit handler to core to make...
6 days ago Ignasi BarreraLog information according to the auth precedence
6 days ago Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1182: Added Seoul and Mumbai regions to AWS
6 days ago Shri JavadekarJCLOUDS-1161: Make AWSS3BlobRequestSignerV4 the default...
11 days ago Andrea Turlireduce payload for GET VirtualGuests
9 months ago rel/jclouds-1.9.2 Apache jclouds 1.9.2 release
9 months ago rel/jclouds-1.9.2-rc1 Apache jclouds 1.9.2 release
14 months ago jclouds-1.9.1 Apache jclouds 1.9.1 release
14 months ago jclouds-1.9.1-rc1 Apache jclouds 1.9.1 release
18 months ago jclouds-1.9.0 Apache jclouds 1.9.0 release
19 months ago jclouds-1.9.0-rc2 Apache jclouds 1.9.0 release
19 months ago jclouds-1.9.0-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.8.1 Release jclouds 1.8.1
2 years ago jclouds-1.8.1-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.8.0 Release jclouds 1.8.0
2 years ago jclouds-1.8.0-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.7.3-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.7.3 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.7.2 Release jclouds 1.7.2
2 years ago jclouds-1.7.2-rc2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago jclouds-1.7.2-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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11 days ago 1.9.x
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