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last changeSat, 13 Feb 2016 02:49:19 +0000 (18:49 -0800)
31 hours ago Grant HenkeKAFKA-3088; Make client-id a nullable string and fix... trunk
2 days ago Mayuresh GharatKAFKA-3147; Memory records is not writable in MirrorMaker
2 days ago Yasuhiro MatsudaMINOR: catch an exception in rebalance and stop the...
2 days ago tomdearmanKAFKA-3229 ensure that root statestore is registered...
3 days ago Yasuhiro MatsudaMINOR: add setUncaughtExceptionHandler to KafkaStreams
3 days ago Jason GustafsonMINOR: Connect hangs on startup failure
3 days ago Yasuhiro MatsudaHOTFIX: poll even when all partitions are paused. handl...
3 days ago Sasaki ToruMINOR: Remove multi-byte charactor in docs
4 days ago Anna PovznerKAFKA-3162: Added producer and consumer interceptors
4 days ago Ashish SinghKAFKA-3141: Add checks to catch invalid authorizer...
4 days ago Jason GustafsonKAFKA-3159; stale high watermark segment offset causes...
4 days ago Yasuhiro MatsudaHOTFIX: open window segments in order, add segment...
4 days ago James ChengKAFKA-3216: "Modifying topics" section incorrectly...
4 days ago Grant HenkeKAFKA-3189: Kafka server returns UnknownServerException...
4 days ago Yasuhiro MatsudaHOTFIX: Fix NPE after standby task reassignment
4 days ago Rajini SivaramKAFKA-3217: Close producers in unit tests
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15 months ago 0.8.2-beta New Feature [KAFKA-1227] - Code...
21 months ago Bug [KAFKA-1310] - Zookeeper timeou...
22 months ago 0.8.1 release
2 years ago 0.8.0 New Feature [KAFKA-50] - kafka...
2 years ago 0.8.0-beta1 Sub-task [KAFKA-176] - Fix existing...
3 years ago kafka-0.7.0-incubating-candidate-9 kafka-0.7.0-incubating-candidate-9
3 years ago kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-1 kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-1
3 years ago kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-2 kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-2
3 years ago kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-3 kafka-0.7.1-incubating-candidate-3
3 years ago kafka-0.7.2-incubating-candidate-1 kafka-0.7.2-incubating-candidate-1
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