descriptionApache Karaf WebConsole
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 22 May 2013 19:47:26 +0000 (19:47 +0000)
2013-05-22  Jean-Baptiste... [KARAF-2337] Upgrade to Apache POM 13 master trunk
2013-01-24  Łukasz DywickiAnother fix in active trail detection
2013-01-23  Jean-Baptiste... [KARAF-2133] Fix version filtering in the manual title
2012-12-28  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-2090 Mark module tab as active when needed
2012-12-28  Łukasz DywickiUpgrade to Pax-Wicket 2.0.1 and Wicket 6.2.0
2012-12-28  Łukasz DywickiUpgrade to bootstrap 2.2.2
2012-12-18  Jean-Baptiste... [KARAF-2057] Fix LICENSE and NOTICE files
2012-12-11  Jean-Baptiste... [KARAF-2055] Upgrade to Apache POM 12
2012-10-18  Jean-Baptiste... [KARAF-1948] Upgrade to Apache 11
2012-09-05  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1793 Fix configuration edit form (file missed...
2012-09-05  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1795 Fix camel widget and provide additional...
2012-09-05  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1794 - Extend Camel plugin with support for suspe...
2012-09-05  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1793 Fix configuration edit form
2012-08-30  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1785 Provide additional actions for SCR plugin
2012-08-30  Łukasz Dywicki KARAF-1786 - Fix serialization issues in scr plugin
2012-08-30  Łukasz DywickiKARAF-1784 Provide additional actions for blueprint...
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9 years ago master
9 years ago webconsole-2.2.x