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last changeFri, 23 Jun 2017 13:06:26 +0000 (09:06 -0400)
2 hours ago  Larry McCayKNOX-977 - Exclude extraneous in admin-ui... master
6 days ago  Larry McCayKNOX-949 - WeBHDFS proxy replaces %20 encoded spaces...
9 days ago  Larry McCayRevert "KNOX-754 scope change to just the Location...
9 days ago  Larry McCayRevert "Revert "KNOX-690 fixing the encoding/decoding...
9 days ago  Larry McCayRevert "KNOX-690 fixing the encoding/decoding in the...
9 days ago  Larry McCayRevert "KNOX-690 fixing the encoding/decoding in the...
9 days ago  Larry McCayRevert "KNOX-690 quick unit test for toEncodedString...
13 days ago  Sandeep MoreKNOX-940 - Support REST access exposing metrics (Mohamm...
2017-06-09  Larry McCayKNOX-966 - NPE when Shiro is misconfigured (Rob Vesse...
2017-06-09  Larry McCayKNOX-932 - Option to remove the server-name from HTTP...
2017-06-07  Sandeep MoreKNOX-768 - Apache Kafka REST API Support (Rick Kellogg...
2017-06-05  Sandeep MoreKNOX-958 - Consolidate test config/drivers (Colm O...
2017-06-05  Sandeep MoreKNOX-960 - Fix build failures
2017-06-03  Larry McCayKNOX-947 - SSOCookieProvider to be configurable for...
2017-06-02  Sandeep MoreKNOX-946 - Spelling (Colm O hEigeartaigh via Sandeep...
2017-06-02  Sandeep MoreKNOX-954 - Properly handle parsing errors for JWT tokens
3 months ago v0.12.0-release Release of v0.12.0
3 months ago v0.12.0-rc2 v0.12.0-rc2
3 months ago v0.12.0-rc1 v0.12.0-rc1
3 months ago v0.12.0-branch Branch point for v0.12.0
5 months ago v0.11.0-release Release of v0.11.0
5 months ago v0.11.0-rc2 v0.11.0-rc2
6 months ago v0.11.0-rc1 v0.11.0-rc1
6 months ago v0.11.0-branch Branch point for v0.11.0
7 months ago v0.10.0-release Release of v0.10.0
7 months ago v0.10.0-rc1 v0.10.0-rc1
7 months ago v0.10.0-branch Branch point for v0.10.0
10 months ago v0.9.1-release Release of v0.9.1
10 months ago v0.9.1-rc3 v0.9.1-rc3
10 months ago v0.9.1-rc2 v0.9.1-rc2
11 months ago v0.9.1-branch Branch point for v0.9.1
11 months ago v0.9.1-rc1 v0.9.1-rc1
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2 years ago KNOX-509
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