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last changeFri, 20 Jan 2017 20:12:02 +0000 (15:12 -0500)
27 hours ago  Sandeep MoreKNOX-859 - Added rule for app.*.js, extensions, jax... master
28 hours ago  Sandeep MoreKNOX-855 - Add application/x-javascript mime type to...
31 hours ago  Sumit GuptaKNOX-858 Simplifying Hamcrest dependencies (Colm O...
8 days ago  Sumit GuptaKNOX-845 Added webhdfs groovy shell tests using MiniDFS...
10 days ago  Sumit GuptaKNOX-806 Implement Closeable for deallocable resources...
10 days ago  Sumit GuptaKNOX-805 ability to define custom HttpClient (Vincent...
11 days ago  Larry McCayKNOX-710 - Support Zeppelin UI through Knox
2017-01-05  Sumit GuptaKNOX-809 Enhance the 'put' in HFDS for ClientDSL (Vince...
2017-01-05  Sumit GuptaKNOX-810 Add status in HDFS for ClientDSL (Vincent...
2017-01-05  Sumit GuptaKNOX-813 Added rename in HDFS for ClientDSL (Vincent...
2017-01-04  Sumit GuptaKNOX-836 Fix for websocket termination based on message...
2016-12-23  Larry McCayKNOX-830 - Admin UI Fails to Authenticate with Knox SSO
2016-12-22  Larry McCayMinor adjustments for 0.11.0 CHANGES and favicon for...
2016-12-22  Sumit GuptaUpdating snapshot versions in poms
2016-12-22  Sumit GuptaChanges update for 0.11.0 v0.11.0-branch
2016-12-22  Sumit GuptaKNOX-827 added manager topology
3 weeks ago v0.11.0-release Release of v0.11.0
4 weeks ago v0.11.0-rc2 v0.11.0-rc2
4 weeks ago v0.11.0-rc1 v0.11.0-rc1
4 weeks ago v0.11.0-branch Branch point for v0.11.0
2 months ago v0.10.0-release Release of v0.10.0
2 months ago v0.10.0-rc1 v0.10.0-rc1
2 months ago v0.10.0-branch Branch point for v0.10.0
5 months ago v0.9.1-release Release of v0.9.1
5 months ago v0.9.1-rc3 v0.9.1-rc3
5 months ago v0.9.1-rc2 v0.9.1-rc2
6 months ago v0.9.1-branch Branch point for v0.9.1
6 months ago v0.9.1-rc1 v0.9.1-rc1
9 months ago v0.9.0-rc4 v0.9.0-rc4
9 months ago v0.9.0-release Release of v0.9.0
9 months ago v0.9.0-rc3 v0.9.0-rc3
9 months ago v0.9.0-rc2 v0.9.0-rc2
27 hours ago master
4 weeks ago v0.11.0
2 months ago v0.10.0
2 months ago v0.9.0
5 months ago v0.9.1
11 months ago v0.8.0
12 months ago v0.7.0
13 months ago v0.6.0
21 months ago KNOX-509
23 months ago KNOX-481
23 months ago v0.5.1
2 years ago v0.5.0
2 years ago v0.4.0
3 years ago v0.3.1
3 years ago v0.3.0
3 years ago v0.2.0

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