descriptionApache Knox
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 22 Jul 2016 18:19:18 +0000 (14:19 -0400)
38 hours ago Sumit GuptaKNOX-725 defining policy chain for ambari and ranger... master
40 hours ago Sumit GuptaKNOX-723 qualifying the login page resources with the...
2 days ago Larry McCayKNOX-726 - Clean up Skipped Unit Tests
3 days ago Sumit GuptaKNOX-724 ambari view fixes
4 days ago Larry McCayKNOX-722 - changed KnoxSessionStore to not base64 empty...
9 days ago Larry McCayUpdating CHANGES file
9 days ago Larry McCayKNOX-722 - Null Pointer Exception while Knox SSO config...
11 days ago Sumit GuptaAdditional update to CHANGES for 0.9.1
11 days ago Larry McCayUpdating branch.
12 days ago Sumit GuptaKNOX-721 added rewrite rules to take care of no slash url
2016-07-08 Sumit GuptaKNOX-721 Loosening up the match criteria as the Locatio...
2016-07-02 Larry McCayKNOX-715 - submitJava should allow multiple argument...
2016-06-21 Sumit GuptaKNOX-705 rules to support view changes in Ambari
2016-06-10 Larry McCayKNOX-714 - Remove Permissive MIT License from NOTICE...
2016-06-09 Sumit GuptaKNOX-711 Added the ability to scope rewrite rules
2016-06-09 Sumit GuptaKNOX-717 changed the location header rewrite to be...
2 days ago v0.9.1-branch Branch point for v0.9.1
3 weeks ago v0.9.1-rc1 v0.9.1-rc1
3 months ago v0.9.0-rc4 v0.9.0-rc4
3 months ago v0.9.0-release Release of v0.9.0
3 months ago v0.9.0-rc3 v0.9.0-rc3
3 months ago v0.9.0-rc2 v0.9.0-rc2
3 months ago v0.9.0-rc1 v0.9.0-rc1
3 months ago v0.9.0-branch Branch point for v0.9.0
5 months ago v0.8.0-release Release of v0.8.0
5 months ago v0.8.0-rc2 v0.8.0-rc2
5 months ago v0.8.0-rc1 v0.8.0-rc1
5 months ago v0.8.0-branch Branch point for v0.8.0
7 months ago v0.7.0-release Release of v0.7.0
7 months ago v0.7.0-rc1 v0.7.0-rc1
7 months ago v0.7.0-branch Branch point for v0.7.0
12 months ago v0.6.0-release
38 hours ago v0.9.1
38 hours ago v0.9.0
38 hours ago master
5 months ago v0.8.0
7 months ago v0.7.0
7 months ago v0.6.0
15 months ago KNOX-509
17 months ago KNOX-481
17 months ago v0.5.1
20 months ago v0.5.0
2 years ago v0.4.0
2 years ago v0.3.1
2 years ago v0.3.0
3 years ago v0.2.0