KNOX-1182 - Removed lingering configuration, which is no longer used for RM-based...
[knox.git] / gateway-service-as / pom.xml
2018-01-23  Larry McCayUpdated version numbers to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-11-13  Sandeep MoreMerge branch 'master' into KNOX-998-Package_Restructuring
2017-11-09  Larry McCayUpdated build version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-08-05  Larry McCayUpdated version numbers to 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-03-03  Sumit GuptaChanging pom versions to 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-12-22  Sumit GuptaUpdating snapshot versions in poms
2016-11-01  Sumit GuptaUpdated pom files with new build version
2016-04-03  Larry McCaybumping release to 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-01-29  Larry McCaychanged pom versions to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-12-08  Sumit GuptaUpdate version to 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT in master branch
2015-04-14  Kevin MinderUpdate version to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT in master branch.
2014-09-17  Kevin MinderKNOX-424: Fix maven groupId
2014-09-03  Larry McCayUpdating version to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT to reflect branching
2014-03-12  Kevin MinderUpdate version to 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-10-01  Kevin MinderChange version to 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-06-03  Larry McCayadded authenticate server and token granting services...