descriptionApache Kudu (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 22 Sep 2018 00:39:23 +0000 (00:39 +0000)
12 hours ago  Dan BurkertAdd thrift module for common thrift utilities master
17 hours ago  Andrew WongKUDU-2463 pt 1: adjust MVCC when replaying no-ops
21 hours ago  Grant Henke[test] Adjust Kudu binary locator logic.
23 hours ago  Grant Henke[test] Clean up MiniKuduCluster and BaseKuduTest
39 hours ago  Will Berkeley[tools] Add table name filter to kudu fs list
39 hours ago  Will Berkeley[docs] Add tip on dealing with planned TS downtime
43 hours ago  Alexey Serbin[docs] add info on rebalancer's --report-only flag
2 days ago  Hao Hao[hms] enable special characters support in mini HMS
2 days ago  Grant Henke[test] Add interface annotations to test utilities
2 days ago  Alexey SerbinKUDU-2580 [c++ client] authn token reacquisition fix
2 days ago  Alexey Serbin[security] test scenario for KUDU-2580
3 days ago  Hao Hao[hms] relax the notification format restriction
3 days ago  Adar fix output when no changes found...
3 days ago  oclarmsKUDU-2437 Split a tablet into primary key ranges by...
4 days ago  Alexey Serbin[docs] minor cleanup on multi-master migration doc
4 days ago  Will Berkeley[docs] Add basic advice on setting block cache size
3 months ago 1.7.1 Release Apache Kudu 1.7.1
4 months ago 1.7.1-RC2
4 months ago 1.7.1-RC1
6 months ago 1.7.0 Release Apache Kudu 1.7.0
6 months ago 1.7.0-RC2
6 months ago 1.7.0-RC1
9 months ago 1.6.0 Release Apache Kudu 1.6.0
9 months ago 1.6.0-RC1
12 months ago 1.5.0 Release Apache Kudu 1.5.0
12 months ago 1.5.0-RC3
12 months ago 1.5.0-RC2
12 months ago 1.5.0-RC1
15 months ago 1.4.0 Release Apache Kudu 1.4.0
15 months ago 1.4.0-RC2
15 months ago 1.4.0-RC1
17 months ago 1.3.1 Release Apache Kudu 1.3.1
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