descriptionApache Kylin
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 14:00:43 +0000 (22:00 +0800)
3 days ago  wangxianbin1987KYLIN-2678 fix error in test case KylinConfigCLITest master
4 days ago  10069681KYLIN-2677 There is no place to view the project config...
10 days ago  kangkaisenKYLIN-2673 Should allow user to change fact table as...
2017-06-09  kangkaisenKYLIN-2665 Add model JSON edit in web
2017-06-09  kangkaisenKYLIN-2664 Fix Extended column bug in web
2017-06-09  kangkaisenKYLIN-2628 Remove synchronized modifier for reloadCubeL...
2017-06-09  kangkaisenKYLIN-2647 Should get FileSystem from HBaseConfiguratio...
2017-06-09  kangkaisenKYLIN-2642 Relax check in RowKeyColDesc to keep backwar...
2017-06-08  10069681KYLIN-2661 Cube list page has some minor problems when...
2017-06-07  10069681KYLIN-2660 'Load Hive Table From Tree' page always...
2017-06-06  Li YangKYLIN-1351 code review KYLIN-1351
2017-06-06  chengyiKYLIN-1351 Support general RDBMS data source through...
2017-06-05  Hongbin MaMerge commit 'c38def7b53dae81f9fde0520b1fb270804dde728'
2017-06-05  Hongbin Maminor, remove check env in tools
2017-06-05  Hongbin Maminor, refine smoke test script for acl migration
2017-06-05  Hongbin MaMerge commit '53aafa97e150d8ac9dd4dfc54d6b55b12a70240c'
7 weeks ago kylin-2.0.0-hbase0.98
8 weeks ago kylin-2.0.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
6 months ago kylin-1.6.0-HBase1.x kylin-1.6.0 for HBase 1.x
6 months ago kylin-1.6.0-cdh5.7 kylin-1.6.0 for cdh 5.7
7 months ago kylin-1.6.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
7 months ago yang211-cdh5.7
7 months ago yang211-hbase1.x
7 months ago yang211
8 months ago kylin- Create tag for
8 months ago kylin- Create tag for
9 months ago kylin- [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
9 months ago kylin-1.5.4-cdh5.7 v1.5.4.1 minor, fix rebase error...
9 months ago kylin-1.5.4-HBase1.x V1.5.4.1 fix rebase conflict, remov...
9 months ago kylin-1.5.4 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
10 months ago kylin-1.5.3-cdh5.7 create tag for kylin-1.5.3-cdh5.7
10 months ago kylin-1.5.3-HBase1.x create tag for kylin-1.5.3-HBase1.x
3 days ago master
7 days ago 2.0.x-hbase0.98
10 days ago 2.0.x
2 weeks ago KYLIN-1351
4 weeks ago document
4 weeks ago KYLIN-2606
5 weeks ago KYLIN-2624
5 weeks ago KYLIN-2547
6 weeks ago yang232-hotfix-0510
7 weeks ago mhb0501
8 weeks ago mergekylin0427
2 months ago KYLIN-2535
2 months ago master-hadoop3.0
2 months ago master-hbase0.98
2 months ago KYLIN-2506
2 months ago yang22