descriptionApache Libcloud
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 30 Apr 2016 13:57:34 +0000 (13:57 +0000)
37 hours ago Eric Johnson[google compute] fix missing pricing data trunk
3 days ago Teemu VesalaFollowing fixes were done: Only MX and SRV records...
3 days ago Rick WrightAdd support for Google Compute Engine Image Families
5 days ago Rick WrightFix gce_demo for loadbalancing and Python 3
8 days ago Tomaz MurausUpdate changelog.
8 days ago lionelopenstack: Specify default values in method signature
8 days ago lionelFix openstack v3 authentication.
9 days ago Jeffrey DunhamAdding tagging feature to DimensionDataNodeDriver
9 days ago Peter Figure out a pattern that works with...
9 days ago Peter Apply lxml ElementTree import pattern...
9 days ago Peter Apply lxml ElementTree import pattern properly
9 days ago Peter SchmidtPY3: Reduce AWS S3 test errors if lxml is present
9 days ago Teemu VesalaIf shopper_id is set to None, then the X-shopper-id...
9 days ago Teemu VesalaAdded the _ex_connection_class_kwargs way to handle...
9 days ago anthony-shawUpdate patch script
10 days ago anthony-shawMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/trunk' into trunk...
2 weeks ago v1.0.0-rc2 Release 1.0.0rc2
3 weeks ago v1.0.0-rc2-tentative
3 months ago v1.0.0-pre1
3 months ago v1.0-pre1-tentative
3 months ago v0.20.1
3 months ago v0.20.1-tentative
4 months ago v0.20.0
4 months ago v0.20.0-tentative
6 months ago v0.19.0
6 months ago v0.19.0-tentative
8 months ago v0.18.0
14 months ago v0.17.0
17 months ago v0.16.0
22 months ago v0.15.1
22 months ago v0.15.1-tentative
22 months ago v0.15.0
37 hours ago trunk
8 days ago api_compliance_and_quality_checking_script
2 weeks ago ex_connection_class_kwargs_regression_fix
3 weeks ago requests
6 weeks ago remove_constants_with_region_name
2 months ago add-created-datetime-to-node
3 months ago use_sslv23_constant_in_newer_versions_of_python
3 months ago 0.20.1
3 months ago friendlier_error_message_on_tls_error
4 months ago sphinx_docstring_fixes
4 months ago all-states-are-string
5 months ago cloudflare_dns_driver
9 months ago support_for_pickling_driver_instances
2 years ago 0.13.3
2 years ago refactor_cloudstack_connection_class
2 years ago fix_openstack_token_caching_and_reuse