2022-09-09  Robert MiddletonRework colors to load from config file master
2022-09-06  Robert MiddletonApplication-wide preferences should work now
2022-09-06  Robert Middletonadded link for standalone download
2022-09-06  Robert MiddletonFix download link on main page
2022-07-09  Robert MiddletonColumn names and orders seem to be correct now
2022-06-23  Robert Middletoncolumns named in order
2022-06-23  Robert MiddletonLogPanel is now loading some settings from the new...
2022-06-20  Robert MiddletonUpdates to the configuration
2022-06-20  Robert MiddletonToolbar/statusbar/receiver works
2022-06-19  Robert MiddletonWork on converting settings to commons configuration
2022-06-18  Robert MiddletonComment out unused menu options for now
2022-06-01  Robert MiddletonSlightly update version
2022-06-01  Robert MiddletonRevert "Updating dependencies"
2022-05-31  Robert MiddletonUpdating dependencies
2022-05-31  Robert MiddletonRemove unused dependency
2022-05-31  Robert MiddletonUpdate commons VFS
2022-05-31  Robert Middletonupdate xstream dependency
2022-05-31  Robert MiddletonAdded some rudimentary recevier documentation
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonAdded some documentation about markers
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonMarker editing is not cutoff anymore
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonMarkers can now be retrieved for colorization
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonAdded page on how to view log events
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonAdd vim swp files to ignore
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonAdded documentation on colorizing output and expression...
2022-05-30  Robert Middletondouble-click editing works. moving rules up/down works
2022-05-30  Robert MiddletonApplying from color panel works
2022-05-29  Robert MiddletonColor panel now expands when you are editing rule
2022-05-29  Robert Middletonremove redundant param
2022-05-28  Robert Middletonadd comment as to what mru means
2022-05-27  Robert Middletonstop editing when creating a new receiver
2022-05-27  Robert MiddletonMake sure that chainsaw and zeroconf don't always pop...
2022-05-23  Robert Middletonzeroconf ui comes up
2022-05-23  Robert MiddletonDocumentation updates (#12)
2022-03-05  Robert MiddletonGitHub actions (#13)
2022-03-04  Robert MiddletonMerge pull request #11 from rm5248/remove-log4j1
2022-02-21  Robert MiddletonFinished removing dependency on log4j1 11/head
2022-02-21  Robert MiddletonRemoving some log4j1 dependencies. Removing DB access...
2022-02-21  Robert MiddletonRemove some more references to log4j1 classes
2022-02-21  Robert Middletonremove obsolete plugins package
2022-02-21  Robert MiddletonMade tutorial work again
2022-02-21  Robert MiddletonRemoved some unused receivers and organized imports...
2022-02-14  Robert MiddletonRemoved rewrite package
2022-02-14  Robert MiddletonRemoving some log4j1 imports and dependencies
2022-02-13  Robert Middletonremoved loggerrepositoryeximpl
2022-01-24  Robert MiddletonHave most receivers converted to be new style. Most...
2022-01-23  Robert MiddletonSave receivers configuration
2022-01-23  Robert MiddletonReplaced MessageCenter with direct calls to the status bar
2022-01-22  Robert Middletonfire a property change when the name changes
2022-01-22  Robert MiddletonChange settings for current receivers
2022-01-22  Robert MiddletonReceivers show up in the receivers panel
2022-01-18  Robert Middletonbe able to configure the port
2022-01-17  Robert Middletonjson receiver now works
2022-01-17  Robert MiddletonMostly refactored the old Receiver class out with new...
2022-01-17  Robert Middletonrework POM so netbeans works better with chainsaw
2022-01-15  Robert MiddletonAdded log4j2 configuration file
2022-01-03  Robert MiddletonStarted converting the old loggers to new loggers
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonDate format is now selectable
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonUpdate the layout editor pane to let you edit the format
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonFix the millis diff to be correct sign
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonLog events show up in detail pane
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonRemoved system.out.println
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonFix NPE
2022-01-02  Robert Middletonentries show up in chainsaw now
2022-01-02  Robert MiddletonConverting classes to use the new ChainsawLoggingEvent...
2021-12-31  Robert Middletonstarted work on converting to a chainsaw log event
2021-12-31  Robert MiddletonCopied the relevant log4j1 extras into chainsaw (#10)
2021-06-26  Scott DeboyRemove webstart deps, update xstream dep to resolve...
2021-06-21  Robert MiddletonJSON receiver for ECS log messages (#9)
2021-06-19  Robert MiddletonAdded basic README file
2021-06-19  Robert MiddletonRemoved old CVS ignore file
2021-06-14  Robert MiddletonLog4j2 -> chainsaw
2021-06-14  Robert MiddletonUpdated pom for release
2021-06-06  Robert MiddletonSign the correct source format apache-chainsaw-2.1.0-RC2 rel/apache-chainsaw-2.1.0
2021-06-05  Robert MiddletonSign the source files
2021-06-05  Robert MiddletonRemove MD5 as it is deprecated
2021-06-05  Robert MiddletonUpdate copyright year
2021-06-02  Robert MiddletonRefer to Chainsaw, not Log4j apache-chainsaw-2.1.0-RC1
2021-06-02  Robert MiddletonSetting todays release date for release voting
2021-06-02  Robert MiddletonUpdated pom and download generated page
2021-05-22  Robert MiddletonUpdated maven javadoc plugin to fix JDK11 build issue
2021-05-22  Robert MiddletonPoint to correct license file
2021-05-22  Robert MiddletonGenerate changes report
2021-05-22  Robert MiddletonFix download page
2021-05-11  Robert MiddletonChanged debug message to be clearer
2021-05-08  Robert MiddletonResize rows when editing so you can see what you're...
2021-05-08  Robert MiddletonDisable OSX integration on anything that is not OSX...
2021-05-08  Robert MiddletonMerge pull request #6 from ldd200888/master
2021-04-30  Scott DeboyUpdate to java 9 for OSX integration support, fix broke...
2021-01-23  Scott DeboyRemoving SocketReceiver, SocketHubReceiver
2021-01-21  l00347347column LINE location is not correct. 6/head
2020-11-07  Scott DeboyVersion 3 of parent pom
2020-11-07  Scott DeboyPOM and swing fixes
2020-07-19  Matt SickerMove pipeline to logging-pipelines
2020-07-18  Matt SickerFix warning
2020-07-18  Matt SickerFix parent pom reference
2020-07-18  Matt SickerUpdate pipeline to match others
2019-02-07  Matt SickerMerge pull request #4 from tzachi-dar/gzip-files-1
2019-02-07  Matt SickerFix typo 4/head
2019-02-07  Matt SickerMerge branch 'master' into gzip-files-1
2019-02-07  Matt SickerAdd changelog entry for CHAINSAW-67