2020-07-19  Matt SickerMove pipeline to logging-pipelines master
2020-07-18  Matt SickerAdd pipeline
2020-02-11  Andrei IvanovMerge pull request #23 from JLLeitschuh/fix/JLL/use_htt...
2020-02-11  Jonathan LeitschuhUse HTTPS instead of HTTP to resolve dependencies 23/head
2019-05-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2448: changelog entry
2019-05-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2448: remove dependency on Spring classes
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovFix trivial warnings reported by the IDE
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovFix trivial bugs reported by the IDE
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovMark fields as final where possible
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovTrivial cleanups and improvements
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovRemove redundant modifiers
2019-05-28  Andrei IvanovCleanup imports
2019-05-27  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2579: add missing license
2019-05-27  Andrei IvanovMerge pull request #20 from apache/LOG4J2-2579
2019-05-27  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2579: add changelog entry 20/head
2019-05-27  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2579: add a @EventName to the generated Java...
2019-05-10  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2579: don't normalize dynamic events
2019-05-09  Andrei Ivanovadd missing license headers
2019-05-08  Andrei IvanovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-05-08  Andrei Ivanovrename file to match the using code
2019-05-08  Andrei Ivanovrename file to match the using code
2019-05-03  Andrei IvanovMerge pull request #19 from andrei-ivanov/fix-build
2019-04-04  Andrei Ivanovcleanup duplicate dependency 19/head
2019-04-04  Andrei IvanovAdd empty parameter `resourceBundles` for the `maven...
2019-04-04  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2580 - Event.toString() failed with NullPointerE...
2019-04-04  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2580
2019-04-04  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2582 - WebMvcAppContext in the catalog editor...
2019-04-04  Eugene ChanMissing curly brackets at value gitUserName annotation
2019-04-04  Ralph GoersUpdate site to only reference SHA 512 instead of md5
2019-04-04  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2578 - RequestContextMappings should ignore...
2019-04-04  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2578
2018-12-14  Matt SickerAdd LOG4J2-2521 changelog entry
2018-12-14  Matt SickerMerge pull request #13 from sullis/maven-compiler-plugi...
2018-12-13  Sean Sullivanmaven-compiler-plugin 3.8.0 13/head
2018-12-02  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-12-02  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare release log4j-audit... log4j-audit-1.0.1-rc1
2018-12-02  Ralph GoersFix version of parent pom
2018-12-02  Ralph GoersFix repo url
2018-12-02  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of log4j...
2018-12-02  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare release log4j-audit...
2018-12-02  Ralph GoersPrepare for release
2018-12-02  Ralph GoersAdjust urls due to move to GitBox
2018-11-04  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2428 - Update changes report
2018-09-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2428: run message actions (invoking setters... 12/head
2018-09-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2428: extract code setting an event property...
2018-09-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2428: extract and use a single event validator
2018-09-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2428: reuse the AuditLogger to log events
2018-09-30  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2428: pass the event handler defined on the...
2018-09-30  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2443 - Fix inconsistencies in validation except...
2018-09-24  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] change leftover AuditException to Constra... 4/head
2018-09-24  Andrei IvanovMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2440 - AuditEvents should provide some basic...
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersCloses #11
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2429 - Setting the exceptionHandler on the Audit...
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersCloses #10
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2452 - Add verbose parameter to the Log4j audit...
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersCloses #9
2018-09-23  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2421 - AbstractEventLogger.logEvent doesn't...
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2420] use same formatting as surrounding lines 11/head
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2440]
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2429] cleanup assertions 10/head
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2429] use same formatting as surrounding lines
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2429] don't cascade on method invocations
2018-09-23  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2452] 9/head
2018-09-22  Andrei IvanovLOG4J2-2421: cleanup 8/head
2018-09-22  Andrei IvanovMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2417 - Better handling of optional properties
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersCloses #7
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2420 - RequestContextFilter logging cleanup
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersCloses #6
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2442 - Normalize the event names logged through...
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersCloses #5
2018-09-22  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-2431 - Narrow the return type of getEvent
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2421] remove pointless creation of array
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2421] iterate only over the defined request...
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2421] check for the presence of required Thread...
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2420] allow events without attributes 7/head
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2417] handle null properties
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2417] reuse maxLength extraction routine
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2417] fix access of optional annotations
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2420] switch the logging of request processing... 6/head
2018-09-17  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2420] fix parameter logging
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2442] normalize the event name 5/head
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2442] Extract common code to a single method
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] move ConstraintValidationException in...
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] Consistent throwning of ConstraintValidat...
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] Remove unused exception, seems to be...
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] Remove unused exception
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] optimize imports
2018-09-16  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2443] Remove unused exceptions
2018-09-04  Andrei Ivanov[LOG4J2-2431] Narrow the return type of getEvent 3/head
2018-07-03  Matt SickerFix pre/code nesting issues
2018-07-03  Matt SickerFix download links
2018-07-03  Matt SickerClarify annotations
2018-07-03  Matt SickerFix typos
2018-07-02  Matt SickerFix typos in home page
2018-06-14  Carter KozakAdd .gitignore
2018-06-10  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-06-10  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare release log4j-audit... log4j-audit-1.0.0-rc1
2018-06-10  Ralph Goers[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...