2017-07-21  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-1984 - Allow user to specify maxLength of Struct...
2017-07-19  Ralph GoersFix Jenkins build
2017-07-19  Gary GregorySlightly better internal logging.
2017-07-19  Gary GregoryRefactor a touch for reuse and customization.
2017-07-19  Gary GregoryRefactor a touch for reuse and customization.
2017-07-19  Gary GregoryUpdate sample tool chain file with current release.
2017-07-19  Gary GregoryAdd
2017-07-19  Gary GregoryMore precise name for lastModified -> lastModifiedMillis.
2017-07-18  Gary GregorySlightly better Javadoc.
2017-07-17  Gary GregoryFix typo in comment.
2017-07-17  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2017-07-16  Ralph GoersSet up toolchains for Java 7
2017-07-16  Matt Sicker[LOG4J2-1864] Add changelog entry
2017-07-16  Matt Sicker[LOG4J2-1864] Update manual regarding capped collection...
2017-07-16  Matt SickerMerge commit 'refs/pull/62/head' of https://github...
2017-07-15  Mikael StåldalMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-07-15  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1961 Run unit test on Java 7 only, it fails...
2017-07-15  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-1971 - Update changes
2017-07-15  Ralph GoersLOG4J2-1971 - Register Log4j-core as a service. Bypass...
2017-07-14  Gary GregoryClean up internal status logging.
2017-07-14  Gary GregoryBetter internal logging. Remove trailing spaces.
2017-07-14  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1813]
2017-07-14  Gary GregoryRemove usless parens.
2017-07-14  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1813]
2017-07-13  Gary GregoryRename param.
2017-07-12  Gary GregoryJavadoc: Be as specific as possible in describing the...
2017-07-10  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1976] Update org.osgi.core from 4.3.1 to 6...
2017-07-10  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1971]
2017-07-10  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1971]
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryUpdate tests from Maven Core 3.3.9 to 3.5.0.
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryUpdate compression tests from XZ 1.5 to 1.6.
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryOops, don't ignore this test.
2017-07-10  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1975] Update javax.persistence from 2.1.0 to...
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryUpdate tests from org.eclipse.persistence.jpa 2.6.0...
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryNormalize HSQLDB class names to *Hsqldb*
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryUpdate tests from HSQLDB 2.3.4 to 2.3.5.
2017-07-10  Gary GregoryUpdate tests from H2 1.4.193 to 1.4.196.
2017-07-10  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1974] Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.4.1 to...
2017-07-09  Gary GregoryReplace "JMSAppender" with "JMS Appender".
2017-07-09  Gary GregoryReplace "JMSAppender" with "JMS Appender".
2017-07-08  Mikael StåldalCloses #46
2017-07-08  Mikael StåldalCloses #45
2017-07-08  Mikael StåldalAdd comments back
2017-07-08  prabh.simranduplicate code refactoring
2017-07-08  prabh.simranDuplicate Code refactoring
2017-07-08  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1923 Remove obsolete plugin annotations
2017-07-08  rpopmaBump version of HdrHistogram to 2.1.9
2017-07-08  rpopmaBump version of HdrHistogram from 2.1.8 to 2.1.9
2017-07-07  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1934] JMS Appender does not know how to recover...
2017-07-07  Mikael StåldalCloses #81
2017-07-07  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1923 Fix XML serializing
2017-07-07  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1923 Fix unit tests
2017-07-07  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1923 Maintain binary compatibility
2017-07-07  Imri ZvikLOG4J2-1923 Allow having the stacktrace as a string...
2017-07-07  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1934 Fix typo
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryOops, add back import.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAdd final modifier to local variables.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAdd final modifier to method parameters.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAlways use blocks.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAdd final modifier to private fields.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryRemove unused imports.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAdd missing '@Deprecated' annotations.
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryAdd missing '@Override' annotations.
2017-07-06  Christian Vent[LOG4J2-1961] Reconfigure breaks DirectWriteRolloverStr...
2017-07-06  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1912] CompositeConfiguration logs warning ...
2017-07-06  Gary GregoryTesting https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LOG4J2...
2017-07-06  Pierrick HYMBERT[LOG4J2-1964] Dynamic reconfiguration does not work...
2017-07-06  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1934] JMS Appender does not know how to recover...
2017-07-05  ggregoryReuse Objects.toString().
2017-07-05  ggregoryIn-line local var.
2017-07-05  ggregoryUse try-with-resources instead of closing in a finally...
2017-07-04  Gary GregoryUse "this" in ctor consistently.
2017-07-04  Gary GregoryIn-line msg lvars.
2017-07-04  Gary GregorySlightly better error message.
2017-07-04  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1966] Include separator option of PatternLayout...
2017-07-04  Gary GregoryJavadoc tweak.
2017-07-02  rpopmaLOG4J2-1908 fix test that was broken by pulling up...
2017-07-01  rpopmaLOG4J2-1908 pull up the narrow() method from OutputStre...
2017-07-01  rpopmaLOG4J2-1261 Async Loggers no longer use deprecated...
2017-07-01  Gary GregoryBetter names for parameters and ivars: use "reconnectio...
2017-07-01  Gary GregoryBetter logging.
2017-07-01  Gary GregoryBetter logging.
2017-07-01  Gary GregoryJavadoc clarifcation.
2017-07-01  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1858] Add Javadoc @since tag.
2017-06-30  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1962] Update Kafka client from to...
2017-06-30  rpopmaLOG4J2-1813 Log4j2 will now print all internal logging...
2017-06-30  rpopmaLOG4J2-1908 added comment and more javadoc
2017-06-30  rpopmaLOG4J2-1908 Improved error message when misconfigured...
2017-06-30  rpopmaLOG4J2-1954 Configurations with multiple root loggers...
2017-06-30  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1960] Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.4.0 to...
2017-06-29  Gary GregoryRename private ivar.
2017-06-29  Gary GregoryAdd @SuppressWarnings.
2017-06-29  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1958] Deprecate SerializedLayout and remove...
2017-06-29  Gary GregoryUpdate POM versions from 2.8.3-SNAPSHOT to 2.9-SNAPSHOT.
2017-06-29  Gary Gregory[LOG4J2-1960] Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.4.1 to...
2017-06-29  Gary GregoryReuse Closer.closeSilently().
2017-06-29  Gary GregoryAdd comment and @SuppressWarning.
2017-06-29  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1958 Mention in release notes
2017-06-29  Mikael StåldalMerge branch 'master' into LOG4J2-1958
2017-06-29  Mikael StåldalLOG4J2-1959 Mention in release notes