descriptionThis is the Apache log4net logging project git repository.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 30 May 2018 19:43:34 +0000 (21:43 +0200)
2018-05-30  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace develop release/2.1.0
2018-05-30  Stefan Bodewigmake RAT happy
2018-05-26  Stefan Bodewigfix description of Log4Net_Debug, thanks to Marc Dill
2018-05-20  Dominik Psennernetstandard-1.3: add basedir to path and replace tabs... feature/cd-pipeline
2018-05-20  Dominik Psennernetstandard-1.3: align test results and log locations...
2018-05-13  Dominik PsennerUse ubuntu:16.04 for mono-3.5 and mono-4.0 too
2018-05-11  Dominik PsennerSet the timezone also for the mono-3.5 and mono-4.0...
2018-05-11  Dominik PsennerAttempt to publish a timezone so that dpkg-reconfigure...
2018-05-10  Dominik PsennerRestore previous jenkinsfile now that we use ubuntu...
2018-05-10  Dominik Psennermono-2.0: attempt to build with ubuntu:16.04
2018-05-10  Dominik PsennerReplace single quote with double quot to make variables...
2018-05-10  Dominik Psennermono-2.0: remove the outer agent dockerfile
2018-05-09  Dominik Psennermono-2.0: change docker to be tagged like netstandard-1.3
2018-05-09  Dominik PsennerMake the timezone setting easier, hopefully not needing...
2018-05-09  Dominik PsennerInstall tzdata first
2018-05-09  Dominik PsennerLet it be an ubuntu node but not H26 which is somehow...
15 months ago rc/2.0.8-RC1 Tagged 2.0.8-RC1
15 months ago rc/2.0.7-RC1 Tagged 2.0.7-RC1
15 months ago rc/2.0.6-RC1 Tagged 2.0.6-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.15-RC1 Tagged 1.2.15-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC2 Tagged 1.2.14-RC2
15 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC1 Tagged 1.2.14-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC3 Tagged 1.2.13-RC3
15 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC2 Tagged 1.2.13-RC2
15 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC1 Tagged 1.2.13-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.12-RC1 Tagged 1.2.12-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.11-RC1 Tagged 1.2.11-RC1
15 months ago rc/1.2.10-RC2 Tagged 1.2.10-RC2
16 months ago rel/1.2.15 create immutable tag under rel/
16 months ago rel/1.2.14 create immutable tag under rel/
16 months ago rel/1.2.13 create immutable tag under rel/
16 months ago rel/1.2.12 create immutable tag under rel/
2 months ago feature/RollingFileAppender-NG
3 months ago feature/LOG4NET-586
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3 months ago release/2.1.0
4 months ago feature/cd-pipeline
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