descriptionThis is the Apache log4net logging project git repository.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 22 May 2017 20:31:53 +0000 (22:31 +0200)
2017-05-22  Dominik PsennerRemoved historical solutions and csproj files develop master
2017-05-01  Stefan BodewigMerge branch 'PR_23'
2017-05-01  Stefan Bodewigadd unit test for PR #23
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigextract revision number und url from git rather than svn
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigignore files generated during build
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigtry to reproduce PR 23 of
2017-04-28  Stefan BodewigReleaseInstructions.txt don't need a license
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigignore maven target dir
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigreference git repos
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigresurrect files that were located in the svn root dir...
2017-04-24  Stefan Bodewigtweak reports, only publish RAT report
2017-04-22  Stefan Bodewigmerge back download page changes
2017-04-21  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-563 try to copy skin from log4j
2017-04-19  Stefan Bodewigfix SDK links
2017-04-19  Dominik PsennerSite: fixed the indentation and whitespace issues of...
2017-04-12  Stefan Bodewigupdate mailing lists section
4 weeks ago rc/2.0.8-RC1 Tagged 2.0.8-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/2.0.7-RC1 Tagged 2.0.7-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/2.0.6-RC1 Tagged 2.0.6-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.15-RC1 Tagged 1.2.15-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.14-RC2 Tagged 1.2.14-RC2
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.14-RC1 Tagged 1.2.14-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.13-RC3 Tagged 1.2.13-RC3
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.13-RC2 Tagged 1.2.13-RC2
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.13-RC1 Tagged 1.2.13-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.12-RC1 Tagged 1.2.12-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.11-RC1 Tagged 1.2.11-RC1
4 weeks ago rc/1.2.10-RC2 Tagged 1.2.10-RC2
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.15 create immutable tag under rel/
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.14 create immutable tag under rel/
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.13 create immutable tag under rel/
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.12 create immutable tag under rel/
2 days ago pr/old/45
2 days ago pr/old/43
2 days ago pr/old/40
2 days ago pr/old/29
2 days ago pr/old/32
4 weeks ago pr/old/28
4 weeks ago pr/old/22
4 weeks ago pr/old/10
4 weeks ago pr/old/7
4 weeks ago pr/old/9
4 weeks ago feature/RollingFileAppender-NG
4 weeks ago develop
4 weeks ago master
20 months ago abandoned/log4net-1.3.x