descriptionThis is the Apache log4net logging project git repository.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 18 Sep 2017 09:13:04 +0000 (11:13 +0200)
2017-09-18  Dominik PsennerMerge branch 'feature/fix-LOG4NET-575' into develop develop
2017-09-13  Dominik PsennerMerge branch 'develop' into feature/fix-LOG4NET-575 feature/fix-LOG4NET-575
2017-09-12  Dominik PsennerXmlConfigurator: do longer allow dtd processing across...
2017-09-01  Dominik PsennerMerge branch 'feature/fix-LOG4NET-538' into develop
2017-09-01  Dominik PsennerAdoNetAppender: split database command preparation... feature/fix-LOG4NET-538
2017-09-01  Dominik PsennerAdoNetAppender: prepare the database command after...
2017-08-19  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: increased timeout to 4 hours
2017-08-19  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: let dotnet test verbosity be detailed
2017-08-19  Dominik Psennerbuilder-netstandard: renamed the builder to mention...
2017-08-19  Dominik Psennerbuilder-netstandard: base docker image on 1.1.2-sdk...
2017-08-19  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: renamed stage "build netstandard" to ...
2017-08-19  Dominik Psennerbuilder-netstandard: fixed typo
2017-08-19  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: fixed stash command to mention netstandard...
2017-08-19  Dominik Psennerbuild: refactored netstandard target to mention 1.3
2017-08-19  Dominik Psennerbuilder-netstandard: removed debug outputs
2017-08-19  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: removed comments and debug outputs
5 months ago rc/2.0.8-RC1 Tagged 2.0.8-RC1
5 months ago rc/2.0.7-RC1 Tagged 2.0.7-RC1
5 months ago rc/2.0.6-RC1 Tagged 2.0.6-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.15-RC1 Tagged 1.2.15-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC2 Tagged 1.2.14-RC2
5 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC1 Tagged 1.2.14-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC3 Tagged 1.2.13-RC3
5 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC2 Tagged 1.2.13-RC2
5 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC1 Tagged 1.2.13-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.12-RC1 Tagged 1.2.12-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.11-RC1 Tagged 1.2.11-RC1
5 months ago rc/1.2.10-RC2 Tagged 1.2.10-RC2
5 months ago rel/1.2.15 create immutable tag under rel/
5 months ago rel/1.2.14 create immutable tag under rel/
5 months ago rel/1.2.13 create immutable tag under rel/
5 months ago rel/1.2.12 create immutable tag under rel/
5 weeks ago develop
5 weeks ago feature/fix-LOG4NET-575
7 weeks ago feature/fix-LOG4NET-538
2 months ago feature/netstandard-2.0
2 months ago feature/cd-pipeline
2 months ago feature/RollingFileAppender-NG
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