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2017-07-28  Dominik PsennerRefactor: fixed indentation in the RollingFileAppender... develop feature/cd-pipeline
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerFixed typo introduced with commit d0ce30de82e81f584830c...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerFixed yet another trailing + that went missing with...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerFixed another trailing + that went missing with refacto...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerFix missing trailing + that went missing with refactori...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerMerge branch 'develop' of
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: replaced all indentations that are spaces...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: removed all trailing whitespaces from all...
2017-07-27  Stefan Bodewigadd an editorconfig that seems to match Dominik's prefe...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: fixed all comments in RollingFileAppender...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: removed code in RollingFileAppender.cs that...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: fixed spaces to be tabs in RollingFileAppender.cs
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: removed trailing whitespace from RollingFileA...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: removed code in RollingFileAppenderTest.cs...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: removed trailing whitespaces from RollingFile...
2017-07-27  Dominik PsennerRefactor: fixed whitespaces in RollingFileAppenderTest...
2 months ago rc/2.0.8-RC1 Tagged 2.0.8-RC1
2 months ago rc/2.0.7-RC1 Tagged 2.0.7-RC1
2 months ago rc/2.0.6-RC1 Tagged 2.0.6-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.15-RC1 Tagged 1.2.15-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC2 Tagged 1.2.14-RC2
2 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC1 Tagged 1.2.14-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC3 Tagged 1.2.13-RC3
2 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC2 Tagged 1.2.13-RC2
2 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC1 Tagged 1.2.13-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.12-RC1 Tagged 1.2.12-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.11-RC1 Tagged 1.2.11-RC1
2 months ago rc/1.2.10-RC2 Tagged 1.2.10-RC2
2 months ago rel/1.2.15 create immutable tag under rel/
2 months ago rel/1.2.14 create immutable tag under rel/
2 months ago rel/1.2.13 create immutable tag under rel/
2 months ago rel/1.2.12 create immutable tag under rel/
5 hours ago feature/netstandard-2.0
6 hours ago feature/RollingFileAppender-NG
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2 weeks ago feature/cd-pipeline
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