set default timezone, fails otherwise with php 5.3
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2009-07-15  Christian Grobmeiermoved changes from CHANGELOG to changes.xml
2009-07-06  Christian GrobmeierLOG4PHP-52 - Use of custom factorys is discouraged...
2009-07-06  Christian GrobmeierLOG4PHP-23: marked as fixed
2009-07-03  Christian GrobmeierLOG4PHP-32 is fixed
2009-05-22  Christian Grobmeierremoved LoggerPropertySetter in favour to ReflectionUti...
2009-05-22  Christian GrobmeierLOG4PHP-37: removed LoggerAppenderDB in favour to Logge...
2009-05-19  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-44 (initial version of PEAR packaging)
2009-05-07  Christian Grobmeieradded enh 30
2009-05-05  Christian Grobmeieradded enh 40
2009-05-04  Knut Urdalenmore fixes to #LOG4PHP-39
2009-05-04  Knut Urdalenupdated change log
2009-05-04  Christian Grobmeier#LOG4PHP-34: Remove all internal debugging
2009-04-30  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-33
2009-04-30  Knut Urdalenupdated change log
2009-04-29  Knut Urdalenupdated change log
2009-04-29  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-16
2009-04-29  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-12
2009-04-29  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-20
2009-04-29  Knut Urdalencompleted change log history
2009-04-28  Knut Urdalengit-svn-id:
2009-04-28  Knut Urdalenadded change log file