set default timezone, fails otherwise with php 5.3
[logging-log4php.git] / src /
2009-10-26  Christian Hammers* Added CHANGES file
2009-10-24  Christian Hammersadded XML header
2009-10-24  Christian Hammersadded XML header
2009-10-24  Christian HammersAdded XML header for Eclipse syntax checking
2009-10-24  Christian HammersWe don't have no build.xml anymore
2009-10-23  Christian Grobmeierreorderings, put executions in pom again (commented...
2009-10-23  Christian Grobmeieradded pear assembly file
2009-10-23  Christian Grobmeierstatic method cannot made non-static
2009-10-20  Christian HammersRemoved Apache License headers on two examples again...
2009-10-20  Christian HammersBuildbot now has sqlite enabled, we don't need the...
2009-10-11  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-84 - undefined method in LoggerLoggingEvent...
2009-10-11  Christian Hammersphpdoc
2009-10-11  Christian Hammerstypo
2009-10-11  Christian HammersLet's see if the buildbot has PDO and SQLite installed
2009-10-11  Christian HammersAdded some bugs that were fixed in the last weeks
2009-10-10  Christian Hammers"Thou shalt not fail silently!" :)
2009-10-10  Christian Hammers* Keep @ before fsockopen but afterwards test return...
2009-10-10  Christian HammersThere should be no case where strtolower or get_object_...
2009-10-10  Christian HammersCeki Gülcü was rendered wrong. As I read something...
2009-10-10  Christian Hammerstypo
2009-10-10  Gavin McDonaldAnother license header addition to trigger site build
2009-10-10  Gavin McDonaldAdd license header, minor change to trigger automatic...
2009-10-07  Christian HammersAdded changelog entries for the bugs I fixed recently.
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-46 Use PreparedStatement in PDO-Appender
2009-10-06  Christian HammersSeems as if some patch got applied twice.
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-81
2009-10-06  Christian Hammersjust phpdoc
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-81
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-81
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLOG4PHP-81
2009-10-06  Christian HammersIf the user tries to set an option via the config file...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLast patch with only phpdoc changes
2009-10-06  Christian Hammersadded link to new appender-layout.apt and fixed minor...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersOnly phpdoc changes
2009-10-06  Christian HammersOnly phpdoc changes
2009-10-06  Christian HammersThe rest of my changes to the examples dir.
2009-10-06  Christian HammersThose files were renamed e.g. from mail.php to appender...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersBut now come the appender_* examples
2009-10-06  Christian Hammersappender examples
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Examples for the various Renderer classes.
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Examples for the various Filter classes
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Examples for the various Configurator classes. They...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersAdded docs and examples for every LoggerLayout.
2009-10-06  Christian Hammersfor phpdoc
2009-10-06  Christian HammersMore LoggerLayout examples
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Added @package for phpdoc
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for layout_xml
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for layout_simple
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for layout_html
2009-10-06  Christian Hammersdirname patch to be able to run it from root directory...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersThis is related to r822029
2009-10-06  Christian HammersTook me a while to figure out so I wrote it down...
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Typo in class name
2009-10-06  Christian HammersJust a comment in case anybody else looks why ob_start...
2009-10-06  Christian HammersEven LoggerAppenderNull ist not supposed to log "null...
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Improved error handling if the logfile cannot be...
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* Added the previously committed examples to the phpdoc
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_dailyfile
2009-10-06  Christian Hammers* type-safety doesn't hurt
2009-10-06  Christian HammersLog:
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_syslog
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_socket
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_php
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_null
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_mailevent
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_dailyfile
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_echo
2009-10-06  Christian HammersExample for appender_console
2009-10-06  Christian Hammerstrying merge
2009-09-25  Gavin McDonaldRename General info section to Developers chammers@821997
2009-09-08  Christian Grobmeierapplied patch from Christian Hammers: restructured...
2009-09-07  Christian GrobmeierPatch from Christian Hammers: phpdoc and APT docs make...
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeieradded renderer docs
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeierremoved unnecessary method getDefaultRenderer
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeieradded properties
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeieradded absolute path name due to surefire error
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeieradded renderermap tests
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeiermade LoggerRendererObject a interface instead of an...
2009-08-31  Christian Grobmeieradded renderer configuration test
2009-08-30  Christian Grobmeieradded examples
2009-08-30  Christian Grobmeieradded filter docs part 1
2009-08-30  Christian Grobmeieradded filters to xml configuration test
2009-08-30  Christian Grobmeieradded clear filter test
2009-08-30  Christian Grobmeierrefactored filter chain, added test
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeieradded xml test
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeiertested xml output
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierfixed classnaming
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierintroduced "dry mode" to enable unit tests
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierintroduced "dry mode" to enable unit tests
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierintroduced "dry mode" to enable unit tests
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierintroduced "dry mode" to enable unit tests
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeieradded some words about performance
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeieradded credits
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeieradded threshold docs
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeierused rootLogger instead of outdated rootCategory
2009-08-28  Christian Grobmeieradded threshold test on configuration level
2009-08-27  Christian Grobmeierremoved unnecessary comments
2009-08-27  Christian Grobmeierrenamed constants for better readablity
2009-08-27  Christian GrobmeierLog4PHP-50 completed file tests
2009-08-27  Christian Grobmeiercompleted test