2014-05-15  Ivan HabunekRemoved LoggerAppenderMailEvent mailevent
2014-05-15  Ivan HabunekLoggerAppenderMail: added dependency injection
2014-05-15  Ivan HabunekAdded links in docs to new appender
2014-05-15  Dmitriy UlyanovChanged @since in LoggerAppenderAMQP
2014-05-15  Dmitriy UlyanovMinor fix in LoggerAppenderAMQP documentation
2014-05-15  Dmitriy UlyanovMinor changes in rst docs for LoggerAppenderAMQP
2014-05-15  Dmitriy UlyanovAdded .rst documentation for LoggerAppenderAMQP Minor...
2014-05-15  Dmitriy UlyanovAdded LoggerAppenderAMQP
2014-05-10  Ivan HabunekFixed indent in docs
2014-05-10  Ivan HabunekAdded links in docs to new appender and layout
2014-05-10  Dmitriy UlyanovAdded documentation for LoggerLayoutGelf
2014-05-10  Dmitriy UlyanovAdded LoggerLayoutGelf
2014-05-10  Dmitriy UlyanovAdded LoggerAppenderGraylog2
2014-04-11  Dan RoweFix mismatched function signature and function call
2013-12-15  Ivan HabunekAdded Travis-CI config file
2013-12-14  Ivan HabunekAdded docs for several appenders
2013-12-14  Ivan HabunekFixed tab bug in docs javascript
2013-12-14  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-205: Avoid warning when getting location info
2013-12-14  Ivan HabunekBumped sphinx version to 1.2 (stable)
2013-12-14  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-194: Merge branch 'docs' into develop
2013-12-14  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-204: added support for MDC context in mongo...
2013-07-22  Christian GrobmeierLOG4PHP-210: fixed filesize stats failed issue
2013-03-18  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-207: Fix BC issue with host parameter.
2013-03-18  Ivan HabunekFixed table formatting in docs docs
2013-03-18  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-207: Mongo appender documentation update.
2013-03-18  Ivan HabunekMinor fix for MongoDB tests
2013-03-18  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-207: Using class MongoClient instead of Mongo
2013-03-13  Ivan HabunekAdded getter for LoggerEvent::$locationInfo
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekSwitched doc theme to sphinx13
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekMinor improvements to docs
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekYet another doc theme, based on sphinx13 theme
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekRenamed doc theme log4php-sd to log4php-sphinxdoc
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekNew docs theme based on sphinxdoc
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekFurther refinements on the bootstrap docs theme
2013-02-23  Ivan HabunekRemoved accidentally commited pyc file
2013-01-07  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-200: Improved superglobal access in converters LOG4PHP-200
2013-01-07  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-153: Made LoggerAppenderMailEvent deprecated
2013-01-07  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-153: Updated LoggerAppenderMail docs
2013-01-02  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-153: Added bufferSize parameter to LoggerAppend...
2013-01-01  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-203; added capped collection support for mongo...
2013-01-01  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-203; fixed tests for capped collections for...
2013-01-01  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-203; tests for capped collections in mongo...
2013-01-01  Vladimir GorejLOG4PHP-203; added support for capped collection in...
2013-01-01  Vladimir GorejSet default behaviour, in case users don't have core...
2012-12-31  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-197: Made Logger::isInitialized() public
2012-12-31  Ivan HabunekImprovements to LoggerAppenderMail
2012-12-31  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-144: LoggerAppenderMail should set Content...
2012-12-31  Ivan HabunekPrepared changes.xml for next version.
2012-12-30  Ivan HabunekImproved display of function rst directive.
2012-12-30  Ivan HabunekAdded .pyc files to gitignore
2012-12-29  Vladimir GorejIssue #201; fixed tests for rolling file appender on...
2012-12-29  Vladimir GorejAdded PhpStorm IDE project files into .gitignore.
2012-12-29  Ivan HabunekAdded composer.lock and vendors to .gitignore.
2012-12-26  Ivan HabunekCleaned up phpdoc for layouts. Added missing accessors.
2012-12-19  Ivan HabunekAdded Eclipse generated files to gitignore.
2012-12-17  Ivan HabunekUpdated README for docs
2012-12-17  Ivan HabunekFixed line breaks
2012-12-17  Ivan HabunekInitial implementation of the new manual
2012-12-09  Ivan HabunekUpdated paths to the SCM in pom.xml
2012-12-08  Ivan HabunekUpdated release date for 2.3.0 in changelog
2012-12-08  Ivan HabunekBumped version to 2.3.0 on download page
2012-12-07  Ivan HabunekRemoved svn keywords, mostly $Revision$
2012-12-07  Ivan HabunekUpdated paths to the source repository where applicable
2012-12-07  Ivan HabunekAdded temp/ and target/ to .gitignore
2012-10-26  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-191: Improved composer.json, added vendors... trunk
2012-10-25  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-191: Created composer.json.
2012-10-08  Ivan Habunek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-10-08  Ivan Habunek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-log4php...
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekFixed issue in pom.xml where JIRA report would fail...
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekAdded missing license to example.
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekUpdated maven plugin versions in pom.xml
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekUpdated changelog page for 2.3.0 release.
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekLoggerLayoutPattern:
2012-10-08  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-163 Fixed the LoggerPatternConverter so that...
2012-10-07  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-188: Events logged by upstream loggers even...
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekAdded LOG4PHP-184 to chages.xml.
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-186: LoggerAppenderRollingFile: Don't clear...
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-141: Updated changes.xml.
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-141: Finished default renderer implementation.
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekAdded 'tmp' directory to svn:ignore. Used locally for...
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekTweak to apigen configuration so that it does not gener...
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekImproved docs for LoggerAppenderDailyFile
2012-10-06  Ivan HabunekMinor indentation fix.
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekLOG4PHP-120: Fixed LoggerAppenderDailyFile to rollover...
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekFixed LoggerLoggingEvent constructor to accept any...
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekBetter phpdocs for LoggerTestHelper (enables usage...
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekFixed wrong dates in changelog.
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekFixed minor bug introduced in previous commit.
2012-09-08  Ivan HabunekFixed a bug in file appenders where they would attempt...
2012-09-01  Ivan HabunekLoggerLoggingEvent: Fixed getMessage() to return the...
2012-09-01  Ivan HabunekRemoved unnecessary initialization of member variables...
2012-09-01  Ivan HabunekLoggerLoggingEvent: Replaced getTime() with getRelative...
2012-09-01  Ivan HabunekReplaced "priority" with "level" for consistency.
2012-09-01  Ivan HabunekRemoved redundant type check in Logger::forcedLog().
2012-08-26  Ivan HabunekMinor improvement to site footer.
2012-08-21  Ivan HabunekUpgraded to Bootstrap v2.1
2012-08-21  Ivan HabunekRestored POM settings which were accidentally removed...
2012-08-19  Ivan HabunekA substantial rewrite of the three file appenders:
2012-08-19  Ivan HabunekRemoved usage of register_shutdown_function which was...
2012-08-19  Ivan HabunekSet class="external" on all external links. Removed...