descriptionApache Lucene open-source search software
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 30 Sep 2022 22:03:35 +0000 (18:03 -0400)
4 hours ago  Michael SokolovDOAP changes for release 9.4.0 main
36 hours ago  Greg MillerTermInSetQuery optimization when all docs in a field...
37 hours ago  Greg MillerAssociate correct PR with DrillSideway change in CHANGES
38 hours ago  Greg MillerDrillSideways optimizations (#11803)
3 days ago  Uwe SchindlerUpdate smoketester on main to optionally run with Java 19
3 days ago  Uwe SchindlerLet smoketester initialize local settings before runnin...
3 days ago  Uwe SchindlerGH-11819: Fix the Eclipse part to support deveopment...
3 days ago  Ignacio VeraBuild SpatialVisitor once per index (#11825)
4 days ago  Greg MillerFix tie-break bug in various Facets implementations...
4 days ago  Greg MillerOptimize MultiTermQueryConstantScoreWrapper for case...
4 days ago  Greg MillerFacetsCollector#collect is no longer final to allow...
4 days ago  Uwe SchindlerGITHUB-912: Remove deprecated APIs; fix link
4 days ago  Uwe SchindlerMR-JAR rewrite of MMapDirectory with JDK-19 preview...
4 days ago  Adrien GrandFix codec name in index header for Lucene94FieldInfosFo...
5 days ago  Dawid WeissRegenerate sources after dependency updates. (#11817)
5 days ago  Dawid WeissUpgrade several build dependencies. (#11812)
8 hours ago releases/lucene/9.4.0 Lucene 9.4.0 release
2 months ago releases/lucene/9.3.0 Lucene 9.3.0 release
4 months ago releases/lucene/9.2.0 Lucene 9.2.0 release
6 months ago releases/lucene/9.1.0 Lucene 9.1.0 release
9 months ago releases/lucene/9.0.0 Lucene 9.0.0 release
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18 months ago history/branches/lucene-solr/jira/solr-15212
19 months ago history/branches/lucene-solr/jira/solr-15130-2
19 months ago releases/lucene-solr/8.8.1 Lucene/Solr 8.8.1 release
19 months ago history/branches/lucene-solr/jira/solr-15130
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