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5 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG (test fixture): Lucene.Net.Support (TestIDisposable... master
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated TestDefaultDocValuesFormatFactory and TestDefau... Lucene.Net_4_8_0_beta00004
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated documentation of Codec, DocValuesFormat, and...
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated TestDefaultCodecFactory to account for the...
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugFixed Codec factory documentation comments
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated CHANGES.txt with changes from 4.8.0-beta00004.
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugRemoved TODO (already done)
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Lazy-initialize the default codec and delay any...
5 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Fixed reference issue with project.json of QueryPa...
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated Lucene.Net_4_8_0_beta00003
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated CHANGES.txt with changes from 4.8.0-beta00003.
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugAPI: Lucene.Net.Store (MMapDirectory + NIOFSDirectory...
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Lucene.Net.Util.UnicodeUtil: Removed unnecessary...
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.FSTEnum<T>: Fixed call to...
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugFixed doc comment for FacetsCollector.GetMatchingDocs()
7 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesProduc...
5 days ago Lucene.Net_4_8_0_beta00004
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