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17 hours ago  Shad Storhaugbuild\build.ps1: Added options for generating a "releas... master Lucene.Net_4_8_0_beta00001
22 hours ago  Shad StorhaugLucene.Net.Index.Term: Reverted to original implementat... api-work
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23 hours ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated LICENSE.txt with 3rd party licences
23 hours ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated license headers (mostly in Support)
24 hours ago  Shad StorhaugLucene.Net.Support: Deleted unused INamedServiceFactory.cs
38 hours ago  Shad StorhaugUpdated Spatial4n.Core and Spatial4n.Core.NTS to 0...
45 hours ago  Shad Storhaugbuild\build.ps1: Enable XML documentation generation...
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2 days ago  Shad StorhaugBUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util...
2 days ago  Shad StorhaugFixes LUCENENET-542 #resolve
2 days ago  Shad StorhaugRevert: "Lucene.Net.Icu: Switched to official NuGet...
2 days ago  Shad StorhaugLucene.Net.Tests.Icu: Fixed compilation symbol declaration
2 days ago  Shad StorhaugLucene.Net: Deleted Lucene.Net.Search.RemoteSearchable...
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