2014-08-05  Michael Herndonputting in a stop gap measure to allow AtLeast to use... branch_4x
2014-08-05  Michael Herndonadding AtLeast test. Added ToString overrides to FlagsA...
2014-08-05  Itamar Syn... Use the correct assertion
2014-08-05  Itamar Syn... Bypassing NRE in RandomizedContext
2014-08-05  Itamar Syn... More tests work
2014-08-05  Itamar Syn... Fixing NUnit reference
2014-08-04  Itamar Syn... Working on tests
2014-04-18  michael herndonworking towards getting Util/Fst/TestBytesStore working... 11/head
2014-04-08  michael herndonMerge branch 'branch_4x' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-04-08  michael herndontest framework changes
2014-04-07  synhershkoMocks for test/Analysis
2014-04-07  synhershkoPartial porting of RandomIndexWriter
2014-04-07  synhershkoPorted tests/MockTokenizer
2014-04-07  synhershkoVarious
2014-04-07  synhershkoMoar tests
2014-04-07  synhershkonuget package restore
2014-04-07  synhershkoStarting work to fix the tests suite + Java compat...
2014-04-07  synhershkoMore accessible solution files
2014-03-23  michael herndonadding seed utils, threadgroup, seedattribute, initial...
2014-03-12  michael herndonstarting to work on porting randomized testing for...
2014-03-10  michael herndonadding nuget.config to direct packages to root/lib...
2014-03-06  michael herndonexluding files that will not compile in the core tests...
2014-02-26  Paul IrwinMerge branch 'lucene_4_3_0' into branch_4x
2014-02-26  Paul IrwinMerge pull request #3 from hackmp/lucene_4_3_0
2014-02-11  Mike Pottscorrections for iterator
2013-11-12  Paul IrwinBugfix to SPIClassIterator to support unloaded referenc...
2013-11-12  Paul IrwinVarious FSDirectory fixes for file locking
2013-11-08  Paul IrwinFix bug with segmentinfos cloning
2013-11-08  Paul IrwinFix bug in merged iterator, release IW lock upon exception
2013-11-07  Paul IrwinSwallow exceptions in SPIClassIterator
2013-11-07  Paul IrwinMerge remote-tracking branch 'asaga/lucene_4_3_0' into...
2013-11-07  Paul IrwinMake some fieldcache members public to ease transition...
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinRemove Contrib.Core from sln
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinMove Contrib.Regex into Contrib.Sandbox to match upstream
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinFix build paths for new assemblies
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinA few bugfixes from the port
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinFix assembly name for Contrib.Sandbox
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinFix bug with RAMDirectory
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinFinish porting Facet.Search
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Associations
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinPort Facet.SortedSet
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Sampling
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Index
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinFinish porting Facet.Encoding
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jamesblair/lucene_4_3_0...
2013-11-06  Paul IrwinPort much of Facet.Search and some others
2013-11-05  James Blairfixes. changed attributes to interface types
2013-11-05  James Blairfixed errors - builds now
2013-11-05  James Blaircharfilter namespace
2013-11-04  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Codecs
2013-11-04  Paul IrwinMake dictionary value nullable to support logic
2013-11-04  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Params
2013-11-03  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Util and dependencies
2013-11-03  Paul IrwinPort Facet.Taxonomy namespace
2013-10-30  Paul IrwinStart of work on Facet
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinFinish PostingsHighlighter
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinBugfixes for BreakIterator
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jamesblair/lucene_4_3_0...
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinInitial work on BreakIterator and PostingsHighlight
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jamesblair/lucene_4_3_0...
2013-10-29  Paul IrwinFinish Memory and VectorHighlighter
2013-10-26  Paul IrwinPort Highlighter namespace
2013-10-25  Paul IrwinFinish Contrib.QueryParsers and Sandbox
2013-10-25  James Blairenglish analyzer namespace finished
2013-10-25  Paul IrwinFinish Contrib.Queries
2013-10-22  James BlairCharFilter classes. started work on English analyzer
2013-10-21  Paul IrwinStart of work on Function queries
2013-10-12  Paul IrwinPort most of Contrib.Queries, start on QP.Xml
2013-10-11  Paul IrwinPort QueryParsers.Surround
2013-10-11  Paul IrwinFinish porting QueryParsers.Flexible
2013-10-08  James Blaircsproj commit
2013-10-08  Paul IrwinIn-progress porting Flexible.Standard.Processors
2013-10-08  Paul IrwinMore progress on QueryParsers.Flexible
2013-10-08  James Blairstub classes for charfilter namespace
2013-10-08  James Blaircatalan analyzer
2013-10-08  James BlairBrazilian analyzer classes
2013-10-08  James BlairBulgarian analyzer classes
2013-10-08  James Blairsealed arabic analyzer class
2013-10-08  James Blairarabic analyzer classes
2013-10-08  Paul IrwinFinish porting Flexible.Standard.Config
2013-10-08  Paul IrwinFinish porting Flexible.Standard.Nodes
2013-10-08  Paul IrwinFix generics issue
2013-10-06  michael herndonMerge branch 'paul_merge' into branch_4x
2013-10-06  michael herndonMerge branch 'paul_merge' into branch_4x
2013-10-06  Paul IrwinMerge branch 'branch_4x' of
2013-10-06  Paul IrwinPort numeric query nodes
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinSome work on Flexible.Standard
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinStarted porting QueryParsers.Flexible.Standard
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinFinish QueryParsers.Flexible.Core namespace
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinWork in progress on QueryParsers.Flexible
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinPort ComplexPhraseQueryParser
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinPort AnalyzingQueryParser
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinPort QueryParsers.Ext namespace
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinPort MultiFieldQueryParser
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinFix one bug with FST
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinCorrect for unfortunate find/replace
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinOrder of operations issue with Packed64
2013-10-05  Paul IrwinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lucene_4_3_0'...
2013-10-04  Paul IrwinStarted porting QueryParsers.Flexible.Standard
2013-10-04  Paul IrwinFinish QueryParsers.Flexible.Core namespace