2019-06-07  rfscholteRetire Maven Ant Plugin master
2019-03-11  rfscholteLock JDK versions: Java 6 compatible project doesn...
2018-09-16  Hervé Boutemyupgraded parent POM from 32 to 33
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MPOM-205] use sha512 checksums instead of sha1
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-341] use https for sigs, hashes and KEYS
2018-07-19  rfscholteUpgrade maven-plugins parent
2018-06-18  Hervé Boutemy[INFRA-16467] move components documentation out of...
2018-04-10  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-332] - Changed download templates of plugins...
2017-12-09  Hervé Boutemymoved to git
2016-12-18  Christian Schulteo Reverted last commit to reset to release version...
2016-12-18  Christian Schulteo Updated to latest parent SNAPSHOT.
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2016-05-08  Christian Schulteo Updated to 'plexus-utils' 3.0.24.
2016-05-05  Christian Schulteo Updated to 'plexus-utils-3.0.23'.
2015-11-19  Kristian RosenvoldRemoved file handle leak in testcase
2015-11-17  Herve Boutemy[MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
2015-10-23  Robert Scholteuse released version of plugin parent, i.e 28
2015-09-25  Robert ScholteMake ITs JDK9 ready. maven-ant-plugin uses value of...
2015-09-24  Robert ScholteResult of mvn versions:update-child-modules -DallowSnap...
2015-06-19  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-243] Fixed link to How to use Mirros for Repos...
2015-04-06  Herve Boutemymoved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
2015-03-30  Herve Boutemychanged svnpubsub url from /content to /components
2014-12-15  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-12-15  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-ant-plugin-2.4 maven-ant-plugin-2.4
2014-12-12  Karl Heinz... Rolling back based on svn problems.
2014-12-12  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-ant-plugin-2.4
2014-12-12  Karl Heinz... Cleaned up checkstyle reported warnings/errors.
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... Added reminder reference in pom for maven-embedder...
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... Explicit scope instead of inherited.
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... [MANT-84] Upgrade ant dep to 1.9.4 to be consistent...
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... [MANT-83] Upgrade JUnit from 3.8.1 to 4.11
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... [MANT-82] Upgrade maven-plugin-testing-harness to 1.3
2014-11-23  Karl Heinz... [MANT-81] Upgrade ant dep to 1.9.1
2014-11-17  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom and fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
2014-10-19  Kristian RosenvoldUpdated to p-u .20
2014-10-09  Karl Heinz... - Undone the commit r1630358 which means to remove
2014-10-09  Karl Heinz... - Added to all plugins LICENSE file
2014-10-05  Karl Heinz... [MANT-80]
2014-10-05  Karl Heinz... [MANT-78]
2014-09-11  Karl Heinz... - Added script.
2014-09-04  Karl Heinz... - Added a hint for maven-embedder in the pom.xml file.
2014-09-04  Karl Heinz... [MANT-77]
2014-08-08  Karl Heinz... [MANT-76]
2014-08-02  Karl Heinz... [MANT-75]
2014-05-18  Herve Boutemyadded license header
2014-05-14  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-05-11  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-04-03  Herve Boutemyupgraded parent pom (compiler, assembly, doap not upgra...
2013-11-12  Herve Boutemyconfigured site deploy to /plugins-archives/<artifactId...
2013-09-22  Dennis LundbergAdd missing license headers.
2013-09-22  Dennis LundbergAdd missing license headers.
2013-08-27  Kristian RosenvoldReformatted to code style, modernized
2013-08-27  Kristian RosenvoldRevert "Reformatted to code style"
2013-08-27  Kristian RosenvoldReformatted to code style
2013-08-26  Kristian RosenvoldMore code analysis fixes
2013-08-26  Kristian RosenvoldFurther code analysis improvements
2013-08-25  Kristian RosenvoldOh, look at that button. Does that convert everything...
2013-08-21  Kristian RosenvoldUpdated plexus components
2013-07-21  Dennis LundbergFollow ASF branding rules.
2013-03-04  Olivier Lamyupgrade all to last parent 24
2012-11-16  Olivier Lamyadd contributor
2012-11-16  Olivier Lamy[MANT-65] Invalid check for junit
2012-11-13  Herve Boutemyupdate maven-plugin-plugin to 3.2
2012-09-13  Olivier Lamyreplace StringBuffer by StringBuilder
2012-08-13  Olivier Lamyuse released parent pom
2012-08-01  Olivier Lamyannotations are not needed for plugin execution so...
2012-07-12  Olivier Lamyuse last plugin parent snapshot to use last compiler...
2012-07-12  Olivier Lamyplugins annotations in compile scope
2012-07-12  Olivier Lamymove plugin version to a property
2012-07-12  Olivier Lamyavoid running twice
2012-07-10  Tony Chemit[MANT-69] use maven-plugin-tools' java 5 annotations
2011-08-02  Mark Strubergupgrade plugins to latest parent 21
2011-05-01  Herve Boutemyo prefer FileUtils.fileRead() API to IOUtil.copy()...
2011-04-25  Olivier Lamyupgrade invoker plugin
2011-03-18  Lukas Theusslfix relativePath to plugins parent and bump to latest...
2010-04-27  Benjamin Bentmanno Inherited from maven-plugins:17
2009-11-07  Benjamin Bentmann[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2009-11-07  Benjamin Bentmann[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-ant-plugin-2.3 maven-ant-plugin-2.3
2009-11-07  Benjamin Bentmanno Inherited from maven-plugins:16
2009-11-07  Benjamin Bentmanno Fixed packaging detection (packaging is case-sensitive)
2009-10-31  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-61] Classpath generation should honour system...
2009-10-25  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-61] Classpath generation should honour system...
2009-09-26  Benjamin Bentmanno Updated to maven-invoker-plugin:1.4
2009-09-16  John Dennis... upgrade parent version to ensure source-release is...
2009-09-06  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-60] Generated "package" task for EAR/WAR is missi...
2009-09-04  Paul Gier[MANT-59] Add support for the bundle packaging.
2009-08-05  Vincent Sivetono fixed ambiguous links
2009-07-19  Benjamin Bentmanno Updated dependencies to use ant:1.7.1
2009-07-15  Benjamin Bentmann[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2009-07-15  Benjamin Bentmann[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-ant-plugin-2.2 maven-ant-plugin-2.2
2009-07-15  Benjamin Bentmanno Added assembly descriptor for ASF-compliant source...
2009-07-15  Benjamin Bentmanno Polished code & site
2009-06-25  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-52] NullPointerException when maven-javadoc-plugi...
2009-06-07  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-50] Wrong build.classpath with reactor mode
2009-05-02  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-51] Configuration from plugin management is not...
2009-04-13  Benjamin Bentmanno Bumped plugin version to 2.2 to account for the exten...
2009-04-13  Benjamin Bentmann[MANT-47] ant:clean should not delete build.xml
2009-04-13  Benjamin Bentmanno Fixed file leak
2009-04-13  Benjamin Bentmanno Decoupled from settings
2009-04-13  Vincent Sivetono added the api dep