descriptionApache Maven Indexer
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 25 Nov 2017 10:56:00 +0000 (11:56 +0100)
30 min ago  HervĂ© Boutemy[MINDEXER-24] fixed site publication failures since... master
23 hours ago  Tamas CservenakMerge branch 'mindexer-108'
23 hours ago  Tamas CservenakMINDEXER-83: Add more methods to Indexer
25 hours ago  Tamas CservenakMINDEXER-108: lift the prefix restriction
44 hours ago  Tamas Cservenakswitch to archetype-catalog dep
2 days ago  Tamas CservenakPrepare for next major release (6.x)
2017-11-07  Andreas SeweMINDEXER-105: Fix issue tracker URI in README
2017-07-28  olivier lamychange shade package to avoid too long classpath and...
2017-07-24  olivier lamyuse maven codestyle format, just to reduce checkstyle...
2017-07-24  olivier lamyformat and use try resource
2017-07-24  olivier lamyformat
2017-07-24  olivier lamyuse try resource
2017-07-24  olivier lamyimprove logging and close InputStream
2017-07-24  olivier lamybetter logging
2017-07-24  olivier lamycorrectly close inputstream
2017-07-17  olivier lamyuse some java 7
4 years ago maven-indexer-5.1.1 maven-indexer-5.1.1
5 years ago maven-indexer-5.1.0 maven-indexer-5.1.0
5 years ago maven-indexer-5.0.0 maven-indexer-5.0.0
5 years ago maven-indexer-4.1.3 maven-indexer-4.1.3
6 years ago maven-indexer-4.1.2 maven-indexer-4.1.2
6 years ago maven-indexer-4.1.1 maven-indexer-4.1.1
6 years ago maven-indexer-4.1.0 maven-indexer-4.1.0
6 years ago maven-indexer-4.0.0 maven-indexer-4.0.0
7 years ago maven-indexer-3.1.0 maven-indexer-3.1.0
30 min ago master
4 months ago feature/jar_shaded_lucene
2 years ago maven-indexer-5.x
3 years ago lucene-4.6
5 years ago javax-inject
6 years ago maven-2.x-compatible