descriptionApache Maven Integration Testing
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 29 Mar 2014 18:40:34 +0000
2014-03-29 Robert ScholteAdd MNG-4512 test for jdk8 master
2014-03-23 Hervé Boutemy[MNG-5608] IT for warning on ${project.basedir} use...
2014-03-12 Hervé Boutemyshould be last fix for symbolic link support
2014-03-11 Hervé Boutemyimprove support for symbolic links
2014-03-11 Hervé Boutemymake File comparison on canonical value to avoid proble...
2014-03-09 Hervé Boutemyfix ITs when current path contains a Unix symbolic...
2014-03-09 Hervé BoutemyIT is only valid for Maven 3.2+
2014-03-08 Hervé Boutemyuse MPLUGIN-159 @requiresDependencyCollection annotation
2014-03-01 Igor FedorenkoMNG-5591 use 'reactor' hint for reactor WorkspaceReader
2014-03-01 Igor Fedorenkouse release 3.2.1 maven version in tests that require it
2014-02-21 Jason van ZylMake it more convenient to run a Maven integration...
2014-02-20 Stephen Connollyfix integration tests that were broken pending release...
2014-02-10 Igor FedorenkoMNG-5581 lifecycle mapping delegate test
2014-02-09 Igor Fedorenkomanage verifier version
2014-02-09 Hervé Boutemyfixed IT broken when using plugin-tools 3.x instead...
2014-02-09 Hervé Boutemyupdated site banners and skin
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