2021-07-25  Hervé Boutemyupdate CI url master
2021-07-02  rfscholte[MJDEPS-26] Plugin doesn't recognized latest Java8...
2020-08-29  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url
2020-08-28  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url
2020-04-13  Hervé BoutemyREADME improvement
2020-04-13  Hervé Boutemyadded README
2020-04-12  Hervé Boutemyfixed broken links (MPIR 3)
2020-04-11  Hervé Boutemyfixed typo
2020-04-11  Hervé Boutemyadded ASF Jira badge
2020-04-11  Hervé Boutemyfixed link to mailing lists
2020-04-07  Hervé Boutemy[MJDEPS-24] make build Reproducible
2019-10-25  rfscholte[MJDEPS-16] Include project dependencies in scan
2019-09-03  Robert ScholteAdded for Apache Maven MJDEPS Plugin
2019-09-03  Robert ScholteMerge branch 'master' into MJDEPS-Readme 1/head
2019-09-03  rfscholteUpdate JDKs for Jenkins
2019-06-12  Enrico Olivelli[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-06-12  Enrico Olivelli[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-jdeps... maven-jdeps-plugin-3.1.2
2019-05-29  Enrico OlivelliAdd contributor, Andrea Nenni
2019-05-29  Enrico OlivelliAdd GitHub PR template
2019-05-28  Andrea Nenni[MJDEPS-23] The parameter multiRelease should have...
2019-05-28  Enrico OlivelliAdd Travis Configuration
2019-03-15  rfscholteAdjust regular expression to verify unsupported API...
2019-03-15  rfscholteAdjust regexp to better match all variants ( incl....
2018-10-17  KathrynN[MJDEPS-Documentation] - Added for Apache...
2018-09-16  Hervé Boutemyupgraded parent POM from 32 to 33
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MPOM-205] use sha512 checksums instead of sha1
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-341] use https for sigs, hashes and KEYS
2018-08-01  rfscholteRewrite assertion ( JDK8 can have both outputs )
2018-08-01  rfscholteFix assertion
2018-08-01  rfscholteFix more differences between Java8 on Windows and Linux
2018-08-01  rfscholteMatch different output Java8 between Windows and Linux
2018-08-01  rfscholteFix match java.version for Java 1.8
2018-08-01  rfscholteFix typo
2018-08-01  rfscholteJenkins having trouble to match JAVA_HOME
2018-08-01  rfscholteOutput with package option differs between Java 8 and...
2018-08-01  rfscholtemulti-release option supported since Java 9
2018-07-30  rfscholteIgnore line 'Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS:' while parsin...
2018-07-30  rfscholteUpgrade parent to 32
2018-07-30  rfscholtemavenForJdk expects Strings
2018-07-30  rfscholteSwitch to asfMavenTlpPlgnBuild
2018-06-18  Hervé Boutemy[INFRA-16467] move components documentation out of...
2018-05-11  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-328] use sha1 checksum instead of md5
2018-02-24  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-02-24  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-jdeps... maven-jdeps-plugin-3.1.1
2018-02-24  rfscholteToo early for JDK10. surefire fails with a NPE
2018-02-24  rfscholteAdd jdk 10 to Jenkinsfile
2018-02-24  rfscholteChange package to o.a.m.plugins
2018-02-24  rfscholte[MJDEPS-12] Add support for the '-package' options
2018-02-21  rfscholte[MJDEPS-11] Introduce --multi-release option
2018-02-21  rfscholte[MJDEPS-9] Introduce failOnWarning as a named property
2018-02-21  rfscholte[MJDEPS-10] Error: unknown option: -M while using modul...
2018-02-13  Karl Heinz... [MJDEPS-13] - Upgrade parent to 31
2017-12-27  rfscholtejdeps tool is introduced in JDK 8, so maven-jdeps-plugi...
2017-12-09  Hervé Boutemymoved to git
2017-09-02  Karl Heinz... [MJDEPS-8] Upgrade plexus-utils to version 3.1.0
2017-08-30  Robert Scholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-08-30  Robert Scholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-jdeps... maven-jdeps-plugin-3.1.0
2017-08-28  Robert Scholte[MJDEPS-6] -cp should not duplicated classes/files...
2017-08-28  Robert Scholte[MJDEPS-5] Require Java 7
2017-08-28  Robert Scholte[MJDEPS-4] Upgrade commons-lang to be able to run with...
2017-08-28  Robert Scholte[MJDEPS-1] Make the plugin thread safe
2016-12-18  Christian Schulteo Reverted last commit to reset to release version...
2016-12-18  Christian Schulteo Updated to latest parent SNAPSHOT.
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2016-05-08  Christian Schulteo Updated to 'plexus-utils' 3.0.24.
2016-05-05  Christian Schulteo Updated to 'plexus-utils-3.0.23'.
2015-11-17  Herve Boutemy[MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
2015-10-26  Herve Boutemy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-10-26  Herve Boutemy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-jdeps... maven-jdeps-plugin-3.0.0
2015-10-26  Herve Boutemyadded standard download.cgi
2015-10-26  Herve Boutemyconfigured scm, issueManagement and distributionManagem...
2015-10-26  Herve Boutemyupgraded parent pom
2015-06-19  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-243] Fixed link to How to use Mirros for Repos...
2015-02-20  Herve Boutemytried to improve explanations about jdeps independant...
2015-02-20  Herve Boutemysource=target=1.6 since that's the minimum supported...
2015-02-19  Robert ScholteAdd dependenciesToAnalyzeIncludes/excludes
2015-02-16  Robert ScholteAdd failOnWarning
2015-02-08  Robert ScholteAdd consumption of profiles
2015-02-07  Robert ScholteDocument toolchains support
2015-02-07  Robert Scholtepick up last match of toolchains: jdeps of JDK9 has...
2015-02-07  Robert Scholteremove unnecessary debug logging
2015-02-07  Robert ScholteAdd support for plugin execution scoped toolchain,...
2015-02-07  Robert ScholteMake it work with JDK8 as well
2015-02-07  Robert ScholteIntroduce JDepsConsumer to analyze the output
2015-02-05  Robert ScholteImprove ITs. However, it seems like the output needs...
2015-02-05  Robert ScholtePush to 3.0-SNAPSHOT, since this plugin is requiring...
2015-02-04  Robert ScholteImprove javadoc and goal names
2015-02-04  Robert Scholteintroduce maven-jdeps-plugin