2022-08-18  Michael Osipov[SCM-1000] check-local-modification ignoring excludes... master 161/head
2022-07-30  Slawomir JaranowskiFix jenkins url
2022-07-28  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-07-28  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-2... maven-scm-2.0.0-M2
2022-07-28  Konrad WindszusImprove test for ScmManager.add(...) 158/head
2022-07-28  Konrad Windszus[SCM-992] Support explicitly configured SSH private... 159/head
2022-07-28  Konrad Windszus[SCM-999] Document provider IDs 160/head
2022-07-25  Konrad WindszusClose RevWalk after usage 157/head
2022-07-24  Konrad Windszus[SCM-925] Implement RemoveCommand in maven-scm-provider... 156/head
2022-07-22  Konrad Windszus[SCM-807] JGit provider check-in fails unless the Maven... 152/head
2022-07-21  Konrad Windszus[SCM-993] Add tests for SSH private key-based authentic... 155/head
2022-07-20  Konrad Windszus[SCM-994] Add credentials provider for JGit 154/head
2022-07-19  Konrad Windszus[SCM-995] Upgrade JGit to 5.13.1 and leverage Apache... 153/head
2022-07-06  Jean-Noël Rouvignac[SCM-991] GitDiffConsumer cannot parse moved files 151/head
2022-05-26  Niels Basjes[SCM-977] Support for retrieving tags from the changelog 135/head
2022-05-25  Michael Osipov[SCM-989] Tests fail if svn and/or git are not installed 149/head
2022-05-25  Michael Osipov[SCM-985] Drop/replace usage of Commons Lang 2 148/head
2022-05-25  Michael Osipov[SCM-986] SvnExe's SvnRemoteInfoCommand incorrectly... 145/head
2022-05-25  Niels Basjes[SCM-988] Ensure Mercurial is installed in Github Actio...
2022-05-23  Niels Basjes[SCM-942] No run-its, tck-local and tck-hg profiles
2022-05-23  Niels Basjes[SCM-981] Several integration tests are never run and...
2022-05-23  Niels BasjesRename GitInfoCommandTckTest because it is not a TCK...
2022-05-22  Tamas Cservenak[SCM-984] Replace use of JUnit 3 PlexusTestCase with... 143/head
2022-05-22  Michael Osipov[SCM-980] Remove code duplication in ListMojo 138/head
2022-05-22  Michael Osipov[SCM-943] scm:check-local-modification does not support... 139/head
2022-05-22  Michael OsipovIgnore .factorypath
2022-05-21  Tamas Cservenak[SCM-983] Drop SCM Logger in favor of SLF4J 142/head
2022-05-21  Tamas Cservenak[SCM-979] Replace Plexus Container Default with Sisu... 141/head
2022-05-21  Michael Osipov[SCM-982] Upgrade to Java 8
2022-05-21  Michael OsipovStyle improvements
2022-05-19  Michael Osipov[SCM-913] NPE on ChangeSet.toString() when no mergedRev...
2022-05-19  Michael OsipovRemove useless prerequisites
2022-05-19  Niels Basjes[SCM-976] GitExe changelog does not work in if the...
2022-05-02  Tamas Cservenak[SCM-978] Upgrade Maven to 3.2.5 (#136)
2022-05-02  Hervé Boutemyconfigure Jira integration
2022-02-10  Slawomir JaranowskiFix javadoc build
2022-02-10  Slawomir JaranowskiAdd .DS_Store to gitignore
2022-02-09  Slawomir JaranowskiUse GitHub shared actions v2
2022-01-08  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-01-08  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-2... maven-scm-2.0.0-M1
2022-01-08  Michael OsipovUse canonical name 'Maven SCM'
2022-01-08  Michael OsipovFix issues reported by Checkstyle
2022-01-03  Michael Osipov[SCM-975] Broken link to Maven SCM plugin Release Notes
2021-12-28  Michael OsipovFix formatting
2021-12-28  Michael OsipovFix Javadoc 8 issues (-Preporting)
2021-12-28  Michael OsipovFix Javadoc 8 issues
2021-12-27  Michael Osipov[SCM-974] Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.3.1
2021-12-27  Michael Osipov[SCM-973] GitCheckInCommandNoBranchTest fails with... 133/head
2021-11-20  Michael Osipov[SCM-972] Deprecate SCM Logger in favor of SLF4J
2021-11-07  Michael OsipovRemove broken Travis CI
2021-11-07  Michael OsipovFix serialVersionUID
2021-11-07  Michael Osipov[SCM-969] Remove all deprecated providers 128/head
2021-11-07  Michael OsipovBump version to 2.0.0-M1-SNAPSHOT
2021-11-02  Slawomir Jaranowskiuse shared gh action (#129)
2021-09-13  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-09-13  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-1... maven-scm-1.12.0
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-968] Reduce standard providers to non-deprecated...
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-967] MavenScmCli requires at least three args...
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-966] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-synergy 126/head
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-965] Deprecate maven-scm-providers-cvs
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-964] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-vss
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-963] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-tfs
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-962] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-starteam
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-961] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-perforce
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-960] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-jazz
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-959] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-integrity
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-958] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-clearcase
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-957] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-bazaar
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-956] Deprecate maven-scm-provider-accurev
2021-09-12  Michael Osipov[SCM-953] Deprecate commercial and CVS providers
2021-09-11  Arturo BernalSimplify conditions with the same result and avoid...
2021-09-11  Arturo BernalCollapse Identical catch sections in a single try statement
2021-09-05  Arturo BernalReplace assert by simpler but equivalent calls
2021-09-05  Arturo BernalReplace unnecessary local variables with inline variables
2021-08-07  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-08-07  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-1... maven-scm-1.11.3
2021-08-07  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of maven...
2021-08-07  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-08-07  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-1...
2021-08-07  Clemens Quoss[SCM-947] Improve ChangeLogMojo by using ChangeLogRequest
2021-08-05  Clemens Quoss[SCM-948] Make limit parameter work for svnexe and...
2021-08-05  Michael Osipov[SCM-955] gitexe and svnexe provider TCK tests fail...
2021-08-05  Michael Osipov[SCM-954] Always use --internal-diff for SvnDiffCommand...
2021-07-25  Hervé Boutemyupdate CI url
2021-02-22  Sylwester LachiewiczBump mockito-core from 1.10.19 to 2.28.2 110/head
2021-01-05  Elliotte Rusty... [SCM-951] wrong value passed to equals (#118)
2020-12-24  Elliotte Rusty... clean out broken links to old mail archives (#115)
2020-12-24  Sylwester LachiewiczBump extra-enforcer-rules from 1.0-beta-9 to 1.3
2020-12-24  Elliotte Rusty... replace deprecated methods (#113)
2020-12-24  Elliotte Rusty... [MNGSITE-393] remove reference to Maven 2 (#116)
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... Merge pull request #112 from apache/spelling
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... Merge pull request #114 from apache/mdo
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... link no longer relevant (#117)
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... listStyle --> itemsStyle 114/head
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... Merge pull request #111 from apache/elharo-patch-1
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... fix typos 112/head
2020-12-23  Elliotte Rusty... deps: update to JUnit 4.13.1 111/head
2020-12-05  Clemens QuossProvide version type constants (revision, branch and...
2020-08-29  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url
2020-08-28  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url