2021-10-02  Sylwester Lachiewicz[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
2021-10-02  Sylwester Lachiewicz[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-resources-4
2021-07-25  Hervé Boutemyupdate CI url
2021-05-08  Sylwester LachiewiczBump maven-project-info-reports-plugin from 3.1.1 to...
2021-05-08  Sylwester Lachiewicz[MSHARED-990] JavadocMethodCheck: swap scope to access...
2020-12-29  Sylwester Lachiewicz[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-12-29  Sylwester Lachiewicz[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-resources-3
2020-12-29  Sylwester LachiewiczUpdate maven-site-plugin and maven-project-info-reports...
2020-12-29  Sylwester Lachiewicz(doc) correct link to jira issues
2020-12-27  Sylwester Lachiewicz(doc) use 3.x plugin version
2020-12-23  Sylwester LachiewiczCorrect links to checkstyle documentation
2020-12-23  Sylwester Lachiewicz[MSHARED-968] Exclude checks
2020-08-29  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url
2020-08-28  Hervé Boutemyupdate ASF CI url
2020-06-05  Sylwester LachiewiczUpdate DTD location
2020-06-05  Sylwester Lachiewicz[MSHARED-854] Adjust configuration to new Checkstyle...
2020-04-13  Hervé BoutemyREADME improvement
2020-04-12  Hervé Boutemyadded README and GitHub configuration
2020-04-06  Hervé Boutemy[MSHARED-879] make build Reproducible
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MPOM-205] use sha512 checksums instead of sha1
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-341] use https for sigs, hashes and KEYS
2018-06-18  Hervé Boutemy[INFRA-16467] move components documentation out of...
2018-05-11  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-328] use sha1 checksum instead of md5
2018-02-11  Guillaume BouéFix build by removing duplicate ciManagement tag
2017-12-09  Hervé Boutemymoved to git
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2015-11-17  Herve Boutemy[MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
2015-06-19  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-243] Fixed wrong link.
2015-04-06  Herve Boutemymoved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
2015-03-30  Herve Boutemychanged svnpubsub url from /content to /components
2015-02-01  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-02-01  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-resources-2
2015-01-22  Dennis Lundberg[MSHARED-407] Move maven_checks.xml and maven-header...
2014-10-30  Herve Boutemyupgraded parent pom
2014-07-21  Herve Boutemyremoved duplicate information already inherited from...
2014-05-18  Herve Boutemys/plugins/shared/
2014-05-18  Herve Boutemyadded license header
2014-05-14  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-05-14  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-03-31  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2013-11-12  Herve Boutemyconfigured site deploy to /shared-archives/<artifactId...
2013-07-23  Dennis LundbergFollow ASF branding rules.
2013-03-04  Olivier Lamyuse last shared parent 19
2012-08-13  Olivier Lamyupgrade parent version
2011-09-01  Herve Boutemyadded javadoc and jxr reports links in top-level menu
2011-05-03  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2011-05-03  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-resources-1
2011-05-01  Dennis LundbergAdd an announcement template for shared components...
2011-05-01  Dennis LundbergAdd a site.
2011-05-01  Dennis LundbergAdd a POM for the project.
2011-05-01  Dennis LundbergMove resources used in sending the release announcement...