Revert "[MNG-7098] Keep the project counter intact when resuming a multi-module project."
[maven.git] / maven-embedder / src / main / java / org / apache / maven / cli / transfer /
2020-01-26  Lipmanpoi[MNG-6855] Simplify some code
2018-02-11  rfscholteMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/MNG-6353'
2018-02-11  Sylwester LachiewiczReduce number of global checkstyle rule violations
2018-02-10  HervĂ© Boutemyfixed new issues reported by Checkstyle 6.18
2017-07-12  Michael Osipov[MNG-5457] Show repository id when downloading or uploa...
2017-01-23  Michael Osipov[MNG-5977] Improve output readability of our MavenTrans...
2013-03-18  Jason van Zylo Merge branch 'master' into eclipse-aether
2013-03-14  Jason van ZylMerge branch 'eclipse-aether' of
2013-02-15  Jason van ZylMerge branch 'trunk' into eclipse-aether
2013-02-15  Jason van ZylMerge branch 'aether' of
2012-11-11  Jason van ZylMNG-5374: Fix transfer listener after the JSR330 merge
2012-10-10  Jason van Zylo Use SLF4J for logging