descriptionApache Mesos
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:50:53 +0000 (09:50 -0700)
3 hours ago  Ilya ProninFixed a typo in a log message. master
3 hours ago  Neil ConwayFixed typos in docs.
9 hours ago  Gastón KleimanReordered messages in 'acls.proto' for readability.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded new tests for executor secret generation.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded a new unmocked method to the mock agent.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded SecretGenerator injection to the MockSlave.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded a 'MockSecretGenerator'.
2 days ago  Greg MannChanged the agent's SecretGenerator from Owned to pointer.
2 days ago  Greg MannTurned on executor authentication in the 'DefaultExecut...
2 days ago  Greg MannUpdated 'SchedulerTest.TaskGroupRunning'.
2 days ago  Greg MannTurned off executor authentication in the ExecutorHttpA...
2 days ago  Greg MannEnabled executor authentication in the tests.
2 days ago  Greg MannFixed invocations of 'executorEnvironment' in the tests.
2 days ago  Greg MannUpdated the agent to generate executor secrets.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded a output operator overload for Secret::Type.
2 days ago  Greg MannAdded support for auth tokens to the default executor.
4 weeks ago 1.1.1
4 weeks ago 1.1.1-rc2
4 weeks ago 1.2.0
4 weeks ago 1.2.0-rc2
6 weeks ago 1.2.0-rc1
6 weeks ago 1.1.1-rc1
2 months ago 1.0.3
2 months ago 1.0.3-rc2
2 months ago 1.0.3-rc1
4 months ago 0.28.3
4 months ago 0.28.3-rc1
4 months ago 1.1.0
4 months ago 1.1.0-rc3
4 months ago 1.0.2
4 months ago 1.0.2-rc3
4 months ago 1.0.2-rc2
3 hours ago master
3 days ago 1.2.x
3 days ago 1.1.x
5 weeks ago 1.0.x
4 months ago 0.28.x
5 months ago 0.27.x
9 months ago 0.26.x