2008-05-29  Niklas GustavssonSubclipse screwed up badly tags/last-avalon-20050906 last-avalon-20050906
2008-02-26  Trustin LeeMoved the FtpServer project out of the sandbox
2008-01-12  Niklas GustavssonMoving FtpServer from the incubator tags/last-avalon-20050906@631247
2006-11-06  Niklas GustavssonMoved remotely tags/last-avalon-20050906@611427
2006-11-02  Niklas GustavssonMoved remotely tags/last-avalon-20050906@471849
2005-08-28  No AuthorThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag tags/last-avalon-20050906@470314
2005-08-28  Paul Hammantremoval of 'old' version from CVS's current copy tags/last-avalon-20050906@306696
2005-08-24  Paul Hammantpatch from Niklas Gustavsson
2004-08-30  Paul Hammantremove obsoleted files
2004-08-30  Paul HammantFiles missing from CVS - oops - my fault
2004-08-22  Paul Hammantrename and license headers
2004-08-22  Paul Hammantreformat code incl optimize imports
2004-08-22  Paul Hammantmove to core package
2004-08-22  Paul Hammantapi moved/renamed. Ftp prefix generally dropped
2004-08-22  Paul HammantSubmitted by: Sergey M Vladimirov
2004-08-04  Paul Hammantlicense 2
2004-08-04  Paul Hammantless spam
2004-08-04  Paul Hammantmore of the refactoring to allow non-Avalon usages...
2004-07-28  Paul Hammantmore trimming of Avalon as mandatory framework
2004-07-28  Paul Hammantmore avalon separation
2004-07-27  Paul HammantSome component refactorings. Including allowing this...
2003-10-25  Rana BhattacharyyaFixed bug in getBufferedReader method
2003-10-25  Rana BhattacharyyaRemoved BlockContext references - Timothy's changes
2003-10-19  Rana Bhattacharyyadoc changes
2003-10-19  Rana Bhattacharyyaadmin screenshots
2003-10-19  Rana Bhattacharyyaremoved unnecessary block
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyaused user attributes
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyanew db user manager config params added
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyadoc changed to reflect new config params
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyarequest/response seperation
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyadifferent schema can be used
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyauser attributes used
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyaadded user attributes
2003-06-23  Rana Bhattacharyyaadded new utility methods
2003-04-27  Rana Bhattacharyyachanged UI help pages
2003-04-27  Rana BhattacharyyaHardcoded charset - ASCII
2003-04-27  Rana BhattacharyyaFixed CWD, CDUP bug
2003-04-01  Nicola Ken... Update to latest spec and point to correct logos.
2003-04-01  Nicola Ken... General fixes to the pages and site.xml. No contant...
2003-04-01  Nicola Ken... Added tabs.xml that was missing.
2003-04-01  Nicola Ken... Add logos.
2003-03-31  Paul Hammantdocs one inch closer to building
2003-03-31  Paul HammantInitial cut of FtpServer
2003-03-31  No AuthorNew repository initialized by cvs2svn.