2014-06-25  Leonardo Uribeupdate to extval 2.0.8 release main trunk
2013-03-05  Leonardo Uribeupdate download page
2013-01-06  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-148 keep group-sequences for the validation...
2013-01-06  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-148 @GroupSequence support for @BeanValidation
2012-12-07  Leonardo Uribeupdate site for release 1.2.6, 2.0.6
2012-12-02  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-149
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracekrevert of config-test
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracekrevert of release-plugin commit
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release extval-1.2.6
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracekremoved deprecated config
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracekupdated config files
2012-11-24  Gerhard Petracekupdated svn ignore
2012-10-22  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-147 fixed group-aggregation
2012-07-21  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-144 allow to override constraints with meta...
2012-07-10  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-146 reduced string operations - thx to Thomas...
2012-07-10  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-145 cache for renderer-interceptors - thx to...
2011-12-22  Jakob Korherrupdate site project to newest version
2011-12-22  Jakob Korherrupdate download site for 1.2.5 and 2.0.5 release
2011-12-17  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2011-12-17  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release extval-1.2.5
2011-12-17  Gerhard Petracekexcluded modules
2011-12-16  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-131 test-modules should publish source jars...
2011-11-02  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-137 : Deregistering a class from the NameMapperF...
2011-09-28  Matthew Jason... Merged /myfaces/extensions/validator/branches/branch_fo...
2011-09-28  Matthew Jason... merge applicable parameterized testing from the 20...
2011-08-24  Gerhard Petracekupdated myfaces test dependency
2011-08-23  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-135 support for tobago in combination with codi
2011-08-15  Gerhard Petracekupdated config files
2011-07-13  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-134 support for CoreSelectOneChoice - thx to...
2011-05-30  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-133: Removed ExtValMockApplication and MockELHel...
2011-03-22  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-130
2011-03-04  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-128
2011-02-04  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-126: Translations
2011-02-01  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-126: missing license headers
2011-02-01  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-124, EXTVAL-125, EXTVAL-126
2011-01-10  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-123: Improve performance (remarked by Gerhard)
2011-01-06  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-123
2010-12-14  Jakob Korherrset site skin version to 2
2010-12-14  Jakob Korherrset site skin version to 2
2010-12-10  Jakob KorherrEXTVAL-122 Fix relative paths on site
2010-12-02  Rudy De BusscherJunit tests for ComponentInitializer
2010-12-01  Jakob Korherrupdate site
2010-12-01  Rudy De BusscherExtVal-119 : Shale - Myfaces Test
2010-12-01  Gerhard Petracekupdated version numbers
2010-11-30  Jakob Korherrupdate extval logo
2010-11-28  Jakob Korherrupdate extval site
2010-11-24  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2010-11-24  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release extval-1.2.4
2010-11-24  Gerhard Petracekreverted version numbers
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release extval-1.2.4
2010-11-23  Jakob Korherrrefactor poms for new release procedure
2010-11-23  Jakob Korherrget rid of the extra parent module, because it makes...
2010-11-23  Jakob Korherrget rid of the extra parent module, because it makes...
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracekchanged assembly names
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracekbuild assembly via profile
2010-11-23  Mark StrubergEXTVAL release preparation - only build assembly in...
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of extval...
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracek[maven-release-plugin] prepare release extval-1.2.4
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracekcleanup
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracekminor change
2010-11-23  Gerhard Petracekexcluded modules
2010-11-22  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-100 config for the bean validation module
2010-11-19  Gerhard Petraceksync trunk and branches
2010-11-17  Gerhard Petracekcleanup
2010-11-17  Gerhard Petracekminor change
2010-11-04  Leonardo Uribemove LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt to META-INF folder
2010-11-04  Leonardo Uriberestore test configuration
2010-11-03  Leonardo Uribeupdate to myfaces master pom v 9
2010-11-02  Leonardo Uribeadd svn:ignore
2010-10-26  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-29
2010-10-26  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-29
2010-10-08  Gerhard Petraceksynced implementation
2010-09-14  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-117
2010-09-10  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-29 result (part 1) of the reviewed javadoc ...
2010-08-30  Rudy De BusscherEEXTVAL-29 - Core module - classes marked as API and...
2010-08-26  Gerhard Petracekinterim change for the hudson build
2010-08-17  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-80 optimized el-helper usage
2010-08-17  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-113
2010-08-10  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-100 tests memory consumption
2010-08-06  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-77
2010-08-05  Gerhard Petracekcleanup
2010-08-03  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-112 first draft
2010-08-02  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-80 alternative to ExtValRendererProxy (for ...
2010-07-28  Rudy De Busscherreview
2010-07-28  Rudy De BusscherJavaDoc for EXTVAL-100
2010-07-27  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-110
2010-07-23  Rudy De BusscherExtVal90 : remove dependency on SUN JVM.
2010-07-22  Gerhard Petracekversion update for the next milestone
2010-07-22  Gerhard Petracekextval 1.2 r04m03.1
2010-07-22  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-99 minor change
2010-07-22  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-99
2010-07-22  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-100 improvement for module/add-on writers
2010-07-22  Rudy De BusscherEXTVAL-106
2010-07-20  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-100 DEACTIVATE_REQUIRED_ATTRIBUTE_SUPPORT config...
2010-07-20  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-107 moved ValidationExceptionInterceptor
2010-07-18  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-100 cleanup
2010-07-14  Gerhard PetracekEXTVAL-100 sync with branch