descriptionGolang library for parsing, analyzing, and manipulating Mynewt files
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 1 Nov 2021 18:41:42 +0000 (15:41 -0300)
2021-11-01  Fabio UtzigRemove ec256 ASN1 signature padding master v0.0.24
2021-08-19  Mark Blakeadded HasEncryptionPayload function to check for possib... v0.0.23
2021-07-27  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #24 from ccollins476ad/image-bin
2021-03-16  Andy GrossMerge pull request #31 from utzig/fix-encrypted-images v0.0.22
2021-03-15  Fabio UtzigFix encrypted image support 31/head
2020-12-04  Andy GrossMerge pull request #30 from agross-korg/support-legacy... v0.0.21
2020-11-18  Andy Grossimage: Support legacy TLV values via option 30/head
2020-10-23  Andy GrossMerge pull request #29 from agross-korg/section-tlv... v0.0.20
2020-10-21  Andy Grossimage: Update overlapping TLVs 29/head
2020-10-21  Andy Grossimage: Add support for section TLV
2020-08-20  Christopher... sec: Fix infinite loop
2020-08-12  Christopher... image/ Document of Mynewt image anatomy v0.0.19
2020-08-12  Christopher... Add some comments
2020-08-12  Christopher... image: Add some missing fields to json conversion
2020-08-12  Christopher... Encrypt AES: Don't assume nonce is 8 bytes
2020-06-05  Christopher... image: Function to convert image to a byte slice 24/head
11 months ago v0.0.24
13 months ago v0.0.23
18 months ago v0.0.22
22 months ago v0.0.21
23 months ago v0.0.20
2 years ago v0.0.19 image: Add some missing fields...
2 years ago v0.0.18 FindWithinFlashAreaDevOff: Fix...
2 years ago v0.0.17 hardware-encrypted images
2 years ago v0.0.16 manifest: Add `MfgManifestTarget...
2 years ago v0.0.15 image: calculate padding when parsi...
2 years ago v0.0.14 image: Try ALL enc keys when verify...
2 years ago v0.0.13 Fix FindProtTlv functions: were...
2 years ago v0.0.12
2 years ago v0.0.11 image: Functions to search protecte...
2 years ago v0.0.10 Parse protected TLVs when parsing...
2 years ago v0.0.9 sec: Add `Type` field to `Sig`...
11 months ago master