2022-05-06  Szymon JancApache Mynewt 1.10.0 and Apache NimBLE 1.5.0 release master
2022-03-21  supperthomasfix the example cmd to the latest repo
2021-10-20  Fabio UtzigFix search for Sphinx>=1.8.0
2021-07-07  Magdalena Kasenbergnative_install: Update link to toolchain for Windows
2021-05-24  Krzysztof Kopyścińskinative_install: update macOS "Installing GCC/libc"
2021-04-07  Szymon JancUpdate with Mynewt 1.9.0 and NimBLE 1.4.0 release
2020-12-09  Fabio UtzigUpdate banner release and add 1.8.0 to chooser
2020-10-08  Rafa CoutoUpdate add_newtmgr.rst
2020-07-19  Fabio UtzigAdd more rust target explanations
2020-07-16  Mike VUse the nordic_pca10040 BSP
2020-07-05  Michael FarrellnRF tutorials: fix table formatting, and syntax errors...
2020-06-04  Casper MeijnAdd rust blinky conversion tutorial
2020-05-11  Christopher... ble bare bones tutorial: Add missing #include
2020-04-09  Casper Meijntutorials/other/chg_ctrl_on_pinetime: Add Charge Contro...
2020-04-09  Casper MeijnAdd blinky PineTime tutorial
2020-04-09  Casper MeijnFix various build warnings
2020-03-19  Krzysztof KopyścińskiFixed BLE Peripheral Project - Characteristic Access
2020-03-18  Krzysztof KopyścińskiFixed Bluetooth BLE Peripheral Project - Service Regist...
2020-03-02  Krzysztof KopyścińskiFixed eddystone tutorial code
2020-02-27  Fabio UtzigUpdate tutorials to reflect recent newt and repos
2020-02-27  Reynevan94Updated function ble_ibeacon_set_adv_data() with additi...
2020-01-28  Fabio UtzigFix bare-bones tutorial link to ble controller page
2020-01-28  Łukasz RymanowskiMerge pull request #84 from rymanluk/fix_emph
2020-01-28  Łukasz RymanowskiFix invalid emphasized lines 84/head
2020-01-27  Łukasz RymanowskiMerge pull request #83 from rymanluk/fix_ble_tutorial
2020-01-27  Łukasz RymanowskiUpdate ble_bare_bones tutorial 83/head
2019-12-03  Fabio UtzigFix location of nimble docs
2019-09-25  aditihilbertUpdate
2019-09-11  aditihilbertMerge pull request #80 from mkiiskila/docker_option_wit...
2019-09-10  Marko KiiskilaAdvertised docker container as a way of running unit... 80/head
2019-08-20  Niklas CasarilUpdated bsp and app location and names
2019-08-19  Christopher... `newt install` and `newt sync` are deprecated
2019-08-09  Fabio UtzigUpdate tutorial to use MCUBoot as bootloader
2019-08-05  Fabio UtzigMynewt release 1.7.0, Nimble 1.2.0
2019-07-20  mkasenbergUpdate links for Windows
2019-07-20  aditihilbertMerge pull request #73 from aditihilbert/ext-resources
2019-07-20  Aditi Hilbertaddressed review comments regarding title change and... 73/head
2019-07-20  Aditi HilbertMerge branch 'master' of
2019-07-19  Fabio UtzigAdd versions/ to git ignored
2019-07-19  Fabio UtzigMaintain selected version when navigating pages
2019-07-19  Fabio UtzigShow warning when navigating older versions docs
2019-07-19  Fabio UtzigRemove separate versioned docs dir
2019-07-17  Aditi HilbertAdded page with external links to Mynewt related info
2019-07-02  aditihilbertMerge pull request #67 from bethjonesbluesky/patch-1
2019-06-25  Fabio UtzigAdd local config for slack url
2019-06-24  Fabio UtzigUse slack url from config
2019-04-24  Fabio UtzigUpdate join Slack links
2019-04-10  Fabio UtzigMerge pull request #68 from utzig/v1_6_0
2019-04-10  Fabio UtzigUpdates after 1.6.0 68/head
2019-04-10  Fabio UtzigAdd version 1.5.0
2019-04-05  bethjonesblueskyUpdate blehci_project.rst 67/head
2019-01-29  aditihilbertMerge pull request #66 from apache/aditihilbert-patch-2
2019-01-29  aditihilbertUpdate cross_tools.rst aditihilbert-patch-2 66/head
2019-01-03  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #64 from mkiiskila/diagnostics_tutorial
2019-01-03  Marko KiiskilaTutorial for error diagnostics. Coredumps, stack/mempoo... 64/head
2018-11-29  aditihilbertMerge pull request #63 from artob/patch-1
2018-11-27  Arto BendikenCorrect & update native toolchain how-to for macOS 63/head
2018-11-27  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #62 from artob/patch-1
2018-11-27  Arto BendikenSimplify OpenOCD install instructions for macOS 62/head
2018-11-27  aditihilbertMerge pull request #61 from apache/aditihilbert-patch-1
2018-11-27  aditihilbertMerge pull request #60 from dlee-rt/setup-debug
2018-11-27  aditihilbertUpdate troubleshoot_faq.rst aditihilbert-patch-1 61/head
2018-11-26  aditihilbertUpdate main-banner.html
2018-11-26  aditihilbertUpdate main-banner.html
2018-10-20  David LeeAdd a page for debugging Mynewt 60/head
2018-10-18  aditihilbertMerge pull request #59 from gj262/master
2018-10-18  Gavin Jefferiesupdate the release/refresh process instructions 59/head
2018-10-18  Gavin Jefferiesupdate the release/refresh process instructions
2018-10-17  Gavin Jefferiesfix version
2018-10-17  aditihilbertMerge pull request #58 from apache/windows-git
2018-10-17  Szymon JancUpdate go_env.rst windows-git 58/head
2018-10-17  Szymon JancUpdate go_env.rst
2018-10-17  Szymon JancUpdate go_env.rst
2018-10-17  Szymon JancUpdate contributing to Newt and Newtmgr Tools page
2018-10-16  aditihilbertMerge pull request #57 from gj262/v1_4_0_docset
2018-10-16  Gavin Jefferiesupdate selected option in older doc set 57/head
2018-10-16  Gavin Jefferiesfix v1_4_0 links
2018-10-16  Gavin Jefferiesadd the versioned doc set for 1.4.0
2018-10-16  Gavin Jefferiesadd a menu link for 1.4.0
2018-10-16  Gavin Jefferieslink to the correct edit spot for mynewt-nimble docs
2018-09-10  aditihilbertUpdate syntax_faq.rst
2018-09-10  aditihilbertMerge pull request #56 from dlee-rt/faq
2018-09-05  David LeeMerge branch 'faq' of 56/head
2018-09-05  David LeeUpdate community link in Get Started and Tutorials...
2018-09-05  David LeeDelete .DS_Store
2018-09-05  David Leeremove .DS_Store by adding it to .gitignore
2018-09-05  David Leeadd .DS_Store to .gitignore
2018-09-05  David Leeadd floating point faq
2018-09-05  David Leeadd gcc error faq
2018-09-05  David LeeMerge pull request #10 from apache/master
2018-08-24  aditihilbertMerge pull request #55 from aditihilbert/temp-tutorial
2018-08-24  Aditi HilbertAdded -nimble repo to INPUT 55/head
2018-08-23  aditihilbertMerge pull request #54 from dlee-rt/faq
2018-08-23  aditihilbertMerge pull request #53 from jacobrosenthal/drv2605
2018-08-23  aditihilbertMerge pull request #51 from klener89/patch-1
2018-08-23  David LeeRenamed files from faq_<section> to <section>_faq.... 54/head
2018-08-23  David LeeAdd new FAQs to subsections
2018-08-22  David LeeRestructure Mynewt FAQ
2018-08-22  David LeeMove Administrative FAQ into Mynewt FAQ section
2018-08-22  David LeeRestructure Mynewt FAQ section