2022-07-01  Szymon Janccmd/img_mgmt: Fix compilation with dummy hash enabled master
2022-05-11  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #159 from teslabs/zephyr-includes
2022-05-11  Gerard Marull... zephyr: use <zephyr/kernel.h> 159/head
2022-05-11  Gerard Marull... zephyr: update include paths to use <zephyr/...>
2022-04-22  Szymon JancMcumgr 0.3.0 release mcumgr_0_3_0_tag
2022-01-18  Jerzy Kasenbergos_mgmt/mynewt: Fix log reboot confusion
2021-11-05  kasjerMerge pull request #155 from kasjer/kasjer/mynewt-fix...
2021-11-05  Jerzy Kasenbergos_mgmt/mynewt: Fix build when LOG_SOFT_RESET is off 155/head
2021-11-04  kasjerMerge pull request #154 from kasjer/kasjer/remove-reboo...
2021-11-04  Jerzy Kasenbergos_mgmt/mynewt: Make package dependency conditional 154/head
2021-10-07  Dominik ErmelAdd IMG_MGMT_FRUGAL_LIST configuration option
2021-10-06  Even Falch... cborattr: fixes missing error handling
2021-10-06  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Fix usage of zephyr_img_mgmt_flash_area_id
2021-10-06  Dominik ErmelFix missing else in configuration
2021-10-06  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Fix BUILD_ASSERT failing build with correct...
2021-09-28  Håkon Øye Amundsensamples/smp_svr/zephyr: Increase main stack size
2021-09-23  PrinceREADME : minimum required go version changed to 1.12
2021-09-23  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Do not use CONFIG_IMG_MGMT_UPDATABLE_IMAGE_NUMB...
2021-09-23  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Fix assert when image number out of range
2021-09-23  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Fix erase command failing for multi-image confi...
2021-09-21  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Expand tabs to spaces in img_mgmt source
2021-09-21  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Fix possible memory leak in img_mgmt_impl_write...
2021-09-14  Jamie McCraeimg_mgmt: fix callback parameter values
2021-09-07  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Add support for multiple images
2021-09-07  Dominik ErmelAdd support for listing and updating two independent...
2021-09-07  Dominik ErmelAdd IMG_MGMT_UPDATABLE_IMAGE_NUMBER configuration option
2021-09-01  Dominik ErmelParametrize img_mgmt_impl_swap_type
2021-08-27  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Make direct image upload configurable
2021-08-26  wes3Update Length field should include...
2021-07-19  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Allow to select slot for DFU as image
2021-07-13  Dominik Ermelsamples/smp_svr/zephyr: Update stack size
2021-06-16  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Improve and rename img_mgmt_find_best_area_id
2021-06-16  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Check area id in erase slot processing
2021-06-16  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Upload should use g_img_mgmt_state
2021-06-11  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #125 from vrahane/img_mgmt_erase_sto...
2021-06-10  vrahanecmd/img_mgmt: Call dfu stop cb on erase 125/head
2021-06-10  Dominik Ermelimg_mgmt: Add interpretation of "image" parameter
2021-04-28  Fabio UtzigMerge pull request #121 from XavierChapron/xch/update...
2021-04-28  Xavier Chapronsamples: smp_svr: zephyr: Update MTU Kconfig values 121/head
2021-03-24  Szymon JancMcumgr 0.2.0 release
2021-03-15  Krzysztof Kopyścińskiimg_mgmt_state_set_pending: corrected error handling mcumgr_0_2_0_tag
2021-02-24  Fabio UtzigMerge pull request #114 from de-nordic/img-mgmt-curr...
2021-02-23  Nico Lastzkazephyr: fix initialization of file struct
2021-02-19  Dominik Ermelimg_mgmt: Use IMG_MGMT_BOOT_CURR_SLOT as current runnin... 114/head
2021-02-17  Fabio UtzigFix encoding usage for halffloat
2021-02-17  Greg LeachBug #18312 Add support for half-floats to MCUMGR
2021-02-12  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Use flash_img_init_id instead of flash_img_init
2021-02-12  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Rely on img_mgmt_find_best_area_id to select...
2021-02-11  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #111 from utzig/fix-linked-list
2021-02-11  Fabio UtzigFix unitialized variable warning 111/head
2021-02-10  Vipul Rahanemgmt: Add support for un-registering a group along...
2021-01-31  Casper Meijnmynewt: Fix strncpy warning
2021-01-30  Casper Meijnmynewt: Remove unused define from sample
2020-12-18  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Add support for image ROM address verification
2020-12-01  Fabio UtzigAdd image upload support for flash erased at 0
2020-11-07  Brian BradleyImplement shell management command handlers.
2020-10-05  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Remove never supported log command broken code
2020-09-29  Nick WardFix image erase command for partial slot-1 erase
2020-09-02  Fabio Utzigzephyr: constify struct device
2020-08-05  Krzysztof TaborowskiAdd prootocol header frame
2020-07-24  Dominik Ermelzephyr: Add file open flags to fs_open calls
2020-07-24  Marcin Niestrojcmd/img_mgmt/port/zephyr: fix logging erase_size
2020-07-23  Jordan Yatescmd/img_mgmt/port/zephyr: off_t print format fix
2020-06-04  Kumar Galazephyr: Convert from Zephyr to C99 types
2020-06-03  Frank Licmd/os_mgmt/port/zephyr: zephyr port os enhancement
2020-05-15  Andrzej Puzdrowskicmd/img_mgmt/port/zephyr: fix to img_mgmt_impl_erase_im...
2020-05-15  Kumar Galazephyr: Convert to new FLASH_AREA macros
2020-04-30  Miguel AzevedoMerge pull request #79 from hakonfam/stream_flash
2020-04-29  Håkon Øye Amundsenzephyr: adapt to changes in flash_img.c 79/head
2020-04-14  de-nordiczephyr: Convert k_timer calls to new API (#77)
2020-04-09  Vipul Rahanemgmt: Add shell mgmt ID from mynewt-core (#76)
2020-03-25  Miguel AzevedoMerge pull request #75 from mlaz/omp_sample_fix
2020-03-25  Miguel AzevedoIncrease omp_svr sample main stack size 75/head
2020-03-25  Dominik Ermelzephyr: TinyCBOR has been removed from interface libraries
2020-03-23  Dominik Ermelfs_mgmt: Fix file download for Zephyr
2020-03-20  Andrzej Puzdrowskizephyr: board nrf51_pca10028 renamed to nrf51dk_nrf51422
2020-03-12  Dominik Ermelext: lib: mgmt: Enabling Zephyr/mynewt-core version...
2020-03-11  Ulf Magnussonkconfig: Fix broken ref. to THREAD_STACK_INFO from...
2020-03-09  Szymon JancMcumgr relase 0.1.0 mcumgr_0_1_0_tag
2020-03-09  Szymon JancRemove version.yml
2020-03-05  Szymon JancAdd rat-excludes and missing licence headers
2020-02-24  Ben McCreacmd/img_mgmt: Fix cut-paste error in img_mgmt_ver_str...
2020-02-11  de-nordicsamples/smp_svr: Update of Zephyr sample (#62)
2020-01-24  Vipul Rahanesmr_svr: Stack is 8 byte alligned, 564 -> 568 (#61)
2020-01-22  Vipul Rahanesmp_svr: Change the stack size to whats needed (#59)
2020-01-21  Peter A. Bigotcmd: img_mgmt: fix driver include path
2020-01-21  Miguel AzevedoMerge pull request #57 from mlaz/cborattr_max_default
2020-01-20  Miguel AzevedoDefault CBORATTR_MAX_SIZE if CONFIG_MGMT_CBORATTR_MAX_S... 57/head
2020-01-18  Vipul Rahanesmp_svr: stack size needs to be increased from 468...
2020-01-16  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #55 from vrahane/remove_log_version_2
2020-01-15  Vipul Rahanecmd/log_mgmt: Remove support for LOG_VERSION 2 55/head
2020-01-13  Miguel AzevedoMerge pull request #46 from mlaz/run_zephyr
2019-12-20  Miguel AzevedoDFU working on zephyr 46/head
2019-12-16  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #54 from vrahane/fix_tlv_parsing
2019-12-16  Vipul Rahaneimg_mgmt: old images without protected TLVs 54/head
2019-12-14  Vipul Rahaneimg_mgmt: TLVs were not getting parsed correctly
2019-12-03  Andrzej Kaczmarekcmd/os_mgmt: Use Mynewt API to get stack usage
2019-11-26  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #50 from vrahane/log_mgmt_watermark_fix
2019-11-26  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #51 from vrahane/img_mgmt_dfu_confir...
2019-11-26  Vipul Rahanelog_mgmt: Set watermark on filling up log rsp 50/head