2022-01-31  Scott AslanMerge branch 'updateSnapshot' main
2022-01-28  Scott Aslanupdate package.json and package-lock.json files to... 63/head
2022-01-25  Scott AslanMerge pull request #62 from scottyaslan/NIFI-9627 NIFI-FDS-0.3.0-RC2 rel/nifi-fds-0.3.0
2022-01-25  Scott Aslanupdate NOTICE 62/head
2022-01-25  Scott Aslanupdate pacakge version to 0.3.0
2022-01-24  Rob FellowsNIFI-6732 - Attempt to look up messages locale file... NIFI-FDS-0.3.0-RC1
2022-01-24  Scott Aslan[NIFI-9554] update node/npm versions and frontend deps...
2020-10-05  Matthew BurgessAdd .asf.yaml to repo
2019-09-30  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6646] untheme confirm dialog close button master
2019-09-30  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6560] update webapp to useHash routing strategy...
2019-09-30  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6495] update drop down menu overlay panel min...
2019-09-30  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6547] update hover state, font colors, border...
2019-09-30  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6549] update field label font weight and color
2019-09-27  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6548] add min width to raised and flat buttons
2019-09-27  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6540] update td-chips remove background color...
2019-09-27  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6544] remove checkbox margin and lineheight
2019-09-27  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6541] update .td-expansion-label font
2019-09-26  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6535] update confirm dialog title font size
2019-09-17  Rob FellowsNIFI-6453 - OS agnostic build scripts
2019-09-17  Kovács András[NIFI-6620] Doc for sidenav in webapp updated
2019-07-26  Scott AslanMerge branch 'NIFI-FDS-6469'
2019-07-26  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6469] finalize RC2
2019-07-23  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6469] prepare RC2 NIFI-FDS-0.2.0-RC2 rel/nifi-fds-0.2.0
2019-07-22  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6469] prepare RC1 NIFI-FDS-6469 NIFI-FDS-0.2.0-RC1
2019-07-22  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459] update button alignment for inputs and...
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459[ Drop down menu updates
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459] FDS button toggle text uppercase
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459] remove unused and duplicate style rules
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459] update tabs underline color to accent.
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6459] Remove ellipsis from snackbar message.
2019-07-19  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6260] update md-title and md-subhead styles
2019-07-18  Rob FellowsNIFI-6451 - FDS - Fix issue preventing full build witho...
2019-07-18  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6452] require npm 5.6.0
2019-07-18  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6366] update covalent NgModule imports and add...
2019-07-18  Rob FellowsNIFI-6446 - FDS - Update ButtonToggles component to...
2019-07-18  Rob FellowsNIFI-6450 - Update Table component to use theme-defined...
2019-07-18  Rob FellowsNIFI-6445 - FDS - Update Radio button component to...
2019-07-18  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6447] update accent hover theme color
2019-07-18  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6447] update demo theme accent color
2019-07-17  Rob FellowsNIFI-6444 - FDS - Update expansion panel open arrow...
2019-07-17  Rob Fellows[NIFI-6449] - UI FDS DemoApp - Add links to components...
2019-07-16  Rob FellowsNIFI-6434 - Update js dependencies
2019-07-16  Rob Fellows[NIFI-6397] - UI - isolate webpack loaders used specifi...
2019-07-16  Richard OtvosNIFI-6359: Fixes Demo application setup
2019-06-07  Rob FellowsNIFI-6249 - put license headers back in package files.
2019-06-07  Rob FellowsNIFI-6249 - simplify usage for es6 applications
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6263] theme links style color
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5295] display fds version in demo app
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6357] update snackbar icon location
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6358] update button group toggle focus overlay...
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6300] gzip compress assets
2019-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6261] Create a mixin to leverage the theme color...
2019-06-06  RynoRn[NIFI-6321] Update project dependencies.
2019-06-06  RynoRn[NIFI-6291] Updating README about SCSS font files path...
2019-06-06  RynoRn[NIFI-6291] Exposing font paths as variables in SCSS.
2019-06-05  Rob FellowsNIFI-6351 - Allow for consistent angular template/templ...
2019-05-13  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6268] update tooltip padding (#21)
2019-05-13  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5315] update td-chips (#8)
2019-05-13  Scott AslanNIFI-6212 introduce webpack, ES6, TS, linting, dev...
2019-05-13  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6168] require jquery in FDS dialog.service.js...
2019-05-10  Scott Aslan[NIFI-6211] update nifi fds dependencies (#13)
2019-05-06  Rob FellowsNIFI-6247 - remove styling for width 100% on .mat-input...
2019-05-06  Rob FellowsNIFI-6247 - FDS theming updates for input elements.
2019-05-06  Rob FellowsNIFI-6237 - removing css rule
2019-05-06  Rob FellowsNIFI-6237 - move td-chip related styling to _td-chips...
2019-05-06  Rob Fellows[NIFI-6237] - styling for td-chips text input component...
2019-05-06  RynoRn[NIFI-6258] Removing unused checkbox styles.
2019-05-06  RynoRn[NIFI-6258] Including checkbox styles and using mixin.
2019-05-03  RynoRn[NIFI-6258] Updating checkbox components to use the...
2018-06-18  Aldrin PiriNIFI-5299 Adjusting license abbreviation for Registry.
2018-06-14  Scott AslanMerge branch 'NIFI-5240-RC3' into apache-master
2018-06-12  Andy LoPrestoNIFI-5298 Fixed typo in
2018-06-11  Scott Aslanpreparing RC 3 NIFI-5240-RC3 nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC3 rel/nifi-fds-0.1.0
2018-06-11  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5240] upadte version number in package-lock.json... NIFI-5240-RC2 9/head nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC2
2018-06-08  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5240-RC1] prepare release nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC1 NIFI-5240-RC1 nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC1
2018-06-08  Scott Aslanadd flow_design_styles.css to demo-app index.html
2018-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5216] facilitate npm publish
2018-05-31  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5198] update tooling versions
2018-05-25  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5219] This closes #3. update project name to...
2018-05-15  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5164]
2018-04-13  Scott Aslanupdate progress bar buffer color
2018-03-28  Scott Aslanupdate disabled td-chip style
2018-03-22  Scott Aslanadd NOTICE and update package.json description
2018-03-22  Scott Aslanupdate README and package.json for apache
2018-03-22  Scott Aslaninitial commit