descriptionApache Nifi Minifi CPP
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 22 Feb 2017 21:04:37 +0000 (16:04 -0500)
39 hours ago  Marc ParisiMINIFI-222: Upgrade spdlog to latest release. master
39 hours ago  Andrew ChristiansonMINIFI-183 Added civet 1.9.1 sources
2 days ago  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-186 Updating Copyright statements to reflect...
10 days ago  Marc ParisiMINIFI-195: Convert uuid_unparse usage to uuid_unparse_...
10 days ago  Marc ParisiMINIFI-198: Update root CMAKE so testing can occur
11 days ago  MarcMINIFI-190: Creating initial commit with changes
2017-02-09  Bin QiuMINIFI-184: Add Security Support
2017-02-07  Marc ParisiMINIFI-188: Incorporate CATCH and example tests
2017-02-06  Marc ParisiMINIFI-187: Remove XML References and deps.
2017-02-06  Marc ParisiMINIFI-189: Check log level before buffer operations
2017-01-18  Andrew ChristiansonMINIFI-182 Added initial event-based scheduler implemen...
2017-01-13  Andrew I. ChristiansonMINIFI-181 Created initial implementation of PutFile
2017-01-12  Jeremy DyerMINIFI-180
2017-01-03  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-165 Updating licensing terms to include files...
2017-01-01  Jeremy DyerMINIFI-150 Adjusting ignored source ignore files
2017-01-01  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-149 Updating project README with updates to...
2 months ago rel/minifi-cpp-0.1.0 MINIFI-146 Signed release tag for...
2 months ago minifi-cpp-0.1.0-RC1 Creating RC1 tag for nifi-minifi...
5 months ago rel/minifi-cpp-0.0.1 MINIFI-73 Signed release tag for...
5 months ago minifi-cpp-0.0.1-RC1 MINIFI-73 Creating a signed tag...
39 hours ago master
8 weeks ago MINIFI-149
2 months ago MINIFI-138-RC1
5 months ago MINIFI-73-RC1
6 months ago MINIFI-77
9 months ago travis-integration

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